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What We Do

The Homeland Security and Materials Management Division (HSMMD) conducts an applied, customer-driven, national-scale research program to improve the nation’s preparedness for and response to environmental emergencies and materials management challenges.  HSMMD’s mission includes:

  • Understanding fate and transport of contaminants 
  • Developing innovative characterization tools and strategies
  • Developing analytical methods 
  • Developing wide-area cleanup technologies
  • Developing water treatment and related sensors
  • Developing water infrastructure decontamination methods
  • Management of oil spills, wastes, and other materials

HSMMD studies help in the development of systems-based decision support tools.  This research also supports the regulatory and non-regulatory scientific needs of EPA; water utilities; and state, local, territorial, and tribal agencies.

Relevant Research

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Shawn Ryan, Director

Sarah Taft, Associate Director


  • Disaster Characterization Branch
  • Systems Tools and Materials Management Branch
  • Wide-Area and Infrastructure Decontamination Branch

Main Office Location

US EPA Center for Environmental Solutions and Emergency Response
Homeland Security and Materials Management Division

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109 T.W. Alexander Drive
Mail Code: E343-06
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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4930 Old Page Road
Rm # E311I
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