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What We Do

The Land Remediation Technology Division (LRTD) plans, coordinates, and conducts an applied research program that delivers innovative technologies, guidance, and tools to manage the nation’s land resources. LRTD research produces approaches and tools that improve our ability to manage and remediate contaminated sites and sediments. LRTD research:

  • Produces methods and tools to assess life cycle impacts from an environmental and human health perspective 
  • Addresses emerging environmental stressors
  • Produces methods to assess the fate, transport, and environmental impacts of novel materials and chemicals through their life cycle 
  • Advances more sustainable use of natural and engineered resources 
  • Prepares for and responds to urgent Agency priorities

Relevant Research

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Kirk Scheckel, Director

 David Kozlowski, Associate Director


  • Contaminated Sites and Sediments Branch
  • Emerging Contaminants and Technologies Branch
  • Environmental Decision Analytics Branch

Main Office Location

US EPA ORD Center for Environmental Solutions &
Emergency Response
Land Remediation and Technology Division
26 West Martin Luther King Drive
Mail Code: 190
Cincinnati, OH 45268