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About the National Center for Radiation Field Operations (NCRFO)

What We Do

The National Center for Radiation Field Operations (NCRFO) is an essential component of EPA’s Radiological Emergency Response Team (RERT) and is key to EPA's response to radiological emergencies and accidents nationwide. NCRFO:

  • coordinates RERT field capabilities for preparedness planning, working with the Office of Emergency Management, Regional emergency response programs, and the Agency’s Special Teams;
  • assesses sites contaminated with radioactive material,
  • manages all of the field resources of the Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, such as on-site monitoring and communications equipment,
  • provides training on field radiological emergency response operations to EPA staff, states, tribes, local organizations and other federal agencies.
  • assists tribes in developing and maintaining environmental expertise through the Tribal Air Monitoring Support (TAMS) Center.

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Edward Wilds, Director

Andrea Stafford, Deputy Director

The National Center for Radiation Field Operations includes:

Center for Radiation Preparedness and Response (CRPR)

Director: Jeremy Johnson

Center for Planning and Training (CPT)

Director: Jeen Clemitson

Tribal Air Monitoring Support Center (TAMS)

Co-Director: Farshid Farsi

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