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About EPA

Organization Chart for EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ)

Office Director ​

  • Business Operations and Resources Center
  • Center for People and Organization Excellence
  • Planning and Budget Office
  • Policy and Communications Center
  • Safety, Quality and Facilities Management Center

Assessment and Standards Division

  • Air Quality and Modeling Center
  • Data and Testing Center
  • Fuels Center
  • Health Effects, Benefits and Toxics Center
  • Heavy-Duty Onroad and Nonroad Center
  • Large Marine and Aviation Center
  • Light-Duty Vehicles and Small Engines Center

Compliance Division

  • Data Analysis and Information Center
  • Diesel Engine Compliance Center
  • Fuels Compliance Center-IT
  • Fuels Compliance Center-Policy
  • Gasoline Engine Compliance Center
  • Light-Duty Vehicle Center

Testing and Advanced Technology Division

  • Advanced Testing Center
  • Engine Testing Center
  • Fuels/Chemistry Center
  • Information Management Center
  • National Center for Advanced Technology
  • Testing Services Center
  • Vehicle Testing Center

Transportation and Climate Division

  • Climate Analysis and Strategies Center
  • Climate Economics and Modeling Center
  • Legacy Fleet Incentives and Assessment Center
  • SmartWay and Supply Chain Programs Center
  • State Measures and Transportation Planning Center
  • Technology Assessment Center