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Region 7 Healthy Environments Challenge

The Region 7 Healthy Environments Challenge promotes environmental education; develops student understanding of EPA’s role in protecting our health and the environment; and provides fun activities that engage students in active learning, teamwork, and positive communication through social media.

We Challenge You to Take the Healthy Environments Challenge!

1. Select one of the challenge categories below. (More will be added as they are developed.)

2. Document your experience with photos or video and post it on social media. Use the hashtag #HealthyEnvironmentsChallenge.

3. Challenge it forward by posting photos or video on social media or through email. Use the hashtag, and also copy and paste the link from this webpage to your social media post or email. 

Note: You can track the number of times a challenge was taken by entering #HealthyEnvironmentsChallenge into the search bar of many social media platforms.

Challenge Categories