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Operating Permit Timeline for Texas

Company Permit Number End of EPA Review Petition Deadline Comments
San Miguel Electric Cooperattive Inc O85 11/03/2017   Renewal. Comments received. EPA review suspended.
Coleto Creek Power LP Coleto Creek Power Station O25 10/13/2017   Renewal. Comments received. EPA review suspended.
City Public Service Board Calaveras Lake Plant O8 10/20/2017   Renewal. Comments received. EPA review suspended.
Sandy Creek Services LLC. O3336 11/17/2017 1/17/2018

Initial Issuance and Response to Comments. Petition received on 1/16/2018

Premcor Refining Group Inc O1498 12/22/2017 2/21/2018 Renewal and Response to Comments - Petition Received on 02/20/2018
Petrosmith Equipment O4099 3/22/19 5/22/19 Initial Issuance
The Dow Chemical Company Freeport  O2697 3/22/19 5/22/19 Minor Revision
TOTAL Specialties USA Inc HDA Plant O3839 3/22/19 5/22/19 Minor Revision
Tekni-plex Inc Dolco Packaging Corp Dallas O2097 3/22/19 5/22/19 Renewal
Nationwide Tank & Pipe LLC  O2996 3/22/19 5/22/19 Renewal
Phillips 66 Company Freeport Terminal O639 3/22/19 5/22/19 Renewal
The Lubrizol Corporation Zeus Polisobutylene Process Unit O4037 3/29/19 5/29/19 Initial Issuance
Westlake Longview Corporation O1969 3/29/19 5/29/19 Renewal
Citgo Refining and Chemical Company LP - Corpus Christi East Plant Refinery O1423 4/5/19 6/5/19 Minor Revision
Intercontinental Terminals Compay LLC O3785 4/5/19 6/5/19 Minor Revision
Magellan Terminals Holdings LP - Galena Park Terminal O1128 4/5/19 6/5/19 Renewal
Optimus Steel LLC Beaumont Mill O1281 4/5/19 6/5/19 Renewal
SI Group Inc Texas Operations O1431 4/5/19 6/5/19 Renewal
DCP Operating Company LP Crane Booster Station O2474 4/5/19 6/5/19 Renewal
DCP Operating Company LP Spearman Compressor Station O3147 4/5/19 6/5/19 Renewal
Midcoast G & P (East Texas) LP Plum Creek Treating Facility O411 4/5/19 6/5/19 Renewal - Response to Comments
The Dow Chemical Company La Porte Site O1365 4/5/19 6/5/19 Significant Revision
Blanchard Refining Company LLC (Marathon) Galveston Bay Refinery O1541 4/5/19 6/5/19 Significant Revision
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Polyethylene Units 40/41 O3961 4/12/19 6/12/19 Initial Issuance
ExxonMobil Oil Corporation Beaumont Polyethylene Plant O1243 4/12/19 6/12/19 Minor Revision
Blue Cube Operations LLC O1388 4/12/19 6/12/19 Minor Revision
Union Carbide Corporation Vinyl Acetate Unit O1924 4/12/19 6/12/19 Minor Revision
Union Carbide Corporation Sea Drift Operations O2035 4/12/19 6/12/19 Minor Revision
Trinity Rail Maintenance Services Inc Plant 117 O1656 4/12/19 6/12/19 Renewal
Hays Energy LLC Facility O2079 4/12/19 6/12/19 Renewal
CB&I LLC Houston Plant O2419 4/12/19 6/12/19 Renewal
INEOS USA LLC Stratton Ridge Facility O3597 4/12/19 6/12/19 Renewal
WTG South Permian Midstream LLC O3620 4/12/19 6/12/19 Renewal
Capitol Aggregates Inc. Capitol Cement Plant O1118 4/19/19 6/19/19 Renewal
GE Packaged Power Inc AEP APS Houston Facility O1228 4/19/19 6/19/19 Renewal
Valero Refining Texas LP Valero Houston Refinery O1381 4/19/19   Renewal - Comments Received on 3/26/2019 EPA review suspended.
Citgo Refining and Chemicals Company LP - Corpus Christi West Plant Refinery O1420 4/19/19 6/19/19 Renewal
The Lubrizol Corporation O1930 4/19/19 6/19/19 Renewal
Smurfit Kappa North America LLC O2979 4/19/19 6/19/19 Renewal
Georgia Pacific Wood Products LLC  Corrigan Complex O980 4/19/19 6/19/19 Renewal
The Premcor Refining Goup Inc Valero Port Arthur Refinery O1498 4/19/19 6/19/19 Significant Revision
Enterprise Products Operating LLC Orla Gas Plant O4075 4/26/19 6/26/19 Initial Issuance
Samsung Austin Semiconductor LLC O4088 4/26/19 6/26/19 Initial Issuance
Union Carbide Corporation Seadrift Operations O2029 4/26/19 6/26/19

Minor Revision

Lower Neches Valley Authority B.I. First Pumping Station O2794 4/26/19 6/26/19 Minor Revision
Lhoist North America of Texas Ltd Clifton Lime Plant O1108 4/26/19 6/26/19 Renewal
TXI Operations LP Hunter Cement Plant O1120 4/26/19 6/26/19 Renewal
Continental Carbon Company Sunray Plant O1259 4/26/19 6/26/19 Renewal
Seadrift Coke LP  O1370 4/26/19 6/26/19 Renewal
Valero Refining Texas LP Corpus Christi Refinery East Plant O2238 4/26/19 6/26/19 Renewal
El Paso Natural Gas Company LLC Plains Compressor Station O3176 4/26/19 6/26/19 Renewal
Lone Star NGL Fractionators LLC O3838 5/3/19 7/3/19 Initial Issuance
Targa Pipeline Mid-Continent Westtex Benedum Gas Plant O3111 5/3/19 7/3/19 Minor Revision
Occidental Chemical Corporation Ingleside Ethylene Plant O3806 5/3/19 7/3/19 Minor Revision
Vinton Steel LLC  O1456 5/3/19 7/3/19 Renewal
Rescar Companies Orange Facility O1532 5/3/19 7/3/19 Renewal
Gregory Power Partners LLC (NRG) Gregory Power Facility O1809 5/3/19 7/3/19 Renewal
Invista S.a.r.l. Orange Site O1898 5/3/19 7/3/19 Renewal
Formosa Plastics Corporation Texas Polyethylene Plant O1957 5/3/19 7/3/19 Renewal
DCP Operating Company LP Eagle 1 Gas Plant O3595 5/3/19 7/3/19 Renewal
Western Refining Terminals LLC - El Paso Refinery O3929 5/10/19 7/10/19

Initial Issuance

ETC Texas Pipeline Ltd Mi Vida Treater Plant O3186 5/10/19 7/10/19 Minor Revision
Midcontinent Express Pipeline LLC Lamar Compressor Station O3274 5/10/19 7/10/19 Minor Revision
Enlink Midstream Services LLC Lateral C Compressor Station O3856 5/10/19 7/10/19 Minor Revision
Targa Downstream LLC Galena Park Terminal O614 5/10/19 7/10/19 Minor Revision
Pelican Island Storage Terminal LLC Galveston Terminal O851 5/10/19 7/10/19 Minor Revision
GCC Permian LLC Odessa Cement Plant O1125 5/10/19 7/10/19 Renewal
American Rockwool Manufacturing LLC O1134 5/10/19 7/10/19 Renewal
Flint Hills Resources Houston Chemical LLC O1251 5/10/19 7/10/19 Renewal
Afton Chemical Corporation Lube and Fuel Additives Plant O1460 5/10/19 7/10/19 Renewal
GB Biosciences LLC Greens Bayou Plant O2265 5/10/19 7/10/19 Renewal
Invista S.a.r.l. Victoria Site O1902 5/10/19 7/10/19

Significant Revision

Natgasoline LLC Methanol Plant O3963 5/17/19 7/17/19

Initial Issuance

Enterprise Products Operating LLC Fractionation Unit IX O4035 5/17/19 7/17/19 Initial Issuance
Entergy Texas Inc Montgomery County Power Station O4066 5/17/19 7/17/19 Initial Issuance
General Motors LLC Arlington Assembly Plant O1151 5/17/19 7/17/19 Minor Revision
ISP Technologies Inc Texas City Plant O1592 5/17/19 7/17/19 Minor Revision
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Cedar Bayou Chemical Complex O2114 5/17/19 7/17/19 Minor Revision
Oak Grove Management Company LLC Oak Grove Steam Electric Station O2942 5/17/19 7/17/19 Minor Revision
JX Nippon Chemical Texas Inc Bayport Facility O3068 5/17/19 7/17/19 Minor Revision
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Cedar Bayou Chemical Complex O3247 5/17/19 7/17/19 Minor Revision
TOKAI Carbon CB Ltd (formerly Sid Richardson Carbon) Borger Carbon Black Plant O1414 5/17/19 7/17/19 Renewal
Acme Brick Company Texas Clay Plants O1784 5/17/19 7/17/19 Renewal
ExxonMobil Oil Corporation Beaumont Chemical Plant (BMCP) O2292 5/17/19 7/17/19 Renewal
Turner Industries Group LLC Paris Plant O2388 5/17/19 7/17/19 Renewal
DCP Operating Company LP George Gray Gas Plant O2548 5/17/19 7/17/19 Renewal
Phillips 66 Company Gulf Coast Fractionators O831 5/17/19 7/17/19 Renewal
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company LLC Transco Compressor Station 30 O4101 5/24/19 7/24/19 Initial Issuance
ExxonMobil Pipeline Company South Houston Terminal O3021 5/24/19 7/24/19 Minor Revision
Watco Tanks Inc. O2985 5/24/19 7/24/19 Renewal
Enbridge G & P (East Texas) LP Avinger Gas Processing Plant O3037 5/24/19 7/24/19 Renewal
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company LLC Compressor Station 32 O3059 5/24/19 7/24/19 Renewal
Targa Pipeline Midcontinent Westtex Midkiff Gas Plant O3120 5/24/19 7/24/19 Renewal
DCP Operating Company LP Roberts Ranch Gas Plant O3378 5/24/19 7/24/19 Renewal
Enterprise Products Operating LLC Area 51 CGP Facility O3583 5/24/19 7/24/19 Renewal
Targa Midstream Services LLC Sterling Gas Processing Plant O133 5/31/19 7/31/19 Minor Revision
Targa Downstream LLC Mont Belvieu Complex O615 5/31/19 7/31/19 Minor Revision
GE Engine Services (Dallas LP)  Carter Field Facility O1640 5/31/19 7/31/19 Minor Revision
Eastman Chemical Company - C2 Aldehyde Reduction O1968 5/31/19 7/31/19 Renewal
Chase Industries Inc Chem-pruf door O2418 5/31/19 7/31/19 Renewal
DCP Operating Company LP Tex Booster Station O2584 5/31/19 7/31/19 Renewal
Northern Natural Gas Company Sunray Compressor Station O3075 5/31/19 7/31/19 Renewal
El Paso Natural Gas Company LLC Dimmit compressor Station O3171 5/31/19 7/31/19 Renewal
El Paso Natural Gas Company LLC Amarillo Compressor Station O3175 5/31/19 7/31/19 Renewal
Enterprise Hydrocarbons LP Thompsonville Gas Plant O3510 5/31/19 7/31/19 Renewal
Copano Processing LLC Houston Central Gas Plant  O807 5/31/19 7/31/19 Renewal
South Texas Electric Cooperative Inc Pearsdall Power Plant O867 5/31/19 7/31/19 Renewal
Magellan Terminals Holdings LP - Galena Park Terminal O3698 6/7/19 8/7/19 Initial Issuance
Eagle Railcar Services LP - Elkhart Railcar Maintenance Center O4114 6/7/19 8/7/19 Initial Issuance
Valero Refining Texas LP - Corpus Christi Refinery West Plant O1458 6/7/19 8/7/19 Minor Revision
Targa Midstream Services LLC - Mont Belvieu Fractionator O612 6/7/19 8/7/19 Minor Revision
WTG South Permian Midstream LLC - Benedum Gas Plant O946 6/7/19 8/7/19 Minor Revision
Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC - Beaumont Terminal O1025 6/7/19 8/7/19 Renewal
Texas Lehigh Cement Company LP O1132 6/7/19 8/7/19 Renewal
Invista S.a.r.l. - Orange Site O1897 6/7/19 8/7/19 Renewal
BASF Corporation - BASF Freeport Site O1925 6/7/19 8/7/19 Renewal
Hexion Inc - Deer Park BPA O1942 6/7/19 8/7/19 Renewal
Victoria Port Power II LLC Peaking Facility O4097 6/14/19 8/14/19 Initial Issuance
Pactiv LLC Temple Plant O1312 6/14/19 8/14/19 Minor Revision
Union Carbide Corporation Seadrift Operations O2026 6/14/19 8/14/19 Minor Revision
ExxonMobil Pipeline Company Webster Crude Station  O3038 6/14/19 8/14/19 Minor Revision
Southwestern Public Service Company Plant X Power Plant O11 6/14/19 8/14/19 Renewal
Flint Hills Resources Corpus Christi LLC Corpus Christi West Refinery O1272 6/14/19 8/14/19 Minor Revision and Renewal
Enterprise Hydrocarbons LP San Martin Gas Plant O3508 6/14/19 8/14/19 Renewal
Valero Energy Partners LP Valero West Tank Farm O4071 6/21/19 8/21/19 Initial Issuance
Meridian Brick LLC Mineral Wells East Facility O1133 6/21/19 8/21/19 Minor Revision
Meridian Brick LLC Athens Facility O1142 6/21/19 8/21/19 Minor Revision
Celanese LTD Clear Lake Plant O1893 6/21/19 8/21/19 Minor Revision
Targa Midstream Services LLC L & H Compressor Station O3158 6/21/19 8/21/19 Minor Revision
Cryovac Inc Iowa Park Facility O3383 6/21/19 8/21/19 Minor Revision
Albemarle Corporation Pasadena Plant O1537 6/21/19 8/21/19 Renewal
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company LLC Compressor Station 9 O3062 6/21/19 8/21/19 Renewal
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC Compressor Station 169 O3072 6/21/19 8/21/19 Renewal
Enterprise Products Operating LLC Bandera Compressor Station O3096 6/21/19 8/21/19 Renewal
Major Oak Power LLC Twin Oaks O88 6/21/19 8/21/19 Renewal
Specialty Composites Group Ltd Waco Composites Plant O4100 6/28/19 8/28/19 Initial Issuance
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry LLC Houston Plant O1328 6/28/19 8/28/19 Minor Revision
Solar Turbines Incorporated Dallas Overhaul Center O1333 6/28/19 8/28/19 Minor Revision
Alcoa World Alumina LLC Point Comfort O1344 6/28/19 8/28/19 Minor Revision
Union Carbide Corporation Seadrift Operations O2028 6/28/19 8/28/19 Minor Revision
El Paso Natural Gas Company LLC Schafer Compressor Station O3555 6/28/19 8/28/19 Minor Revision
Fairway Methanol LLC Clear Lake Plant Methanol Unit O3678 6/28/19 8/28/19 Minor Revision
Braskem America Inc Seadrift PP Facility O2025 6/28/19 8/28/19 Renewal
Freeport LNG Development LP Freeport LNG Terminal O2878 6/28/19 8/28/19 Renewal
Kinder Morgan Production Company LLC Snyder Gas Plant O3061 6/28/19 8/28/19 Renewal
Hensley Industries Inc Dallas Plant O1506 7/5/19 9/4/19 Minor Revision
Acme Brick Company Bennett Plant O1597 7/5/19 9/4/19 Minor Revision
LyondellBasell Acetyls La Porte Plant O1375 7/5/19 9/4/19 Renewal
Luminant Generation Company LLC Odessa Ector Generating Station O2119 7/5/19 9/4/19 Renewal
ETC Texas Pipeline Ltd  Waha Gas Plant O2546 7/5/19 9/4/19 Renewal
American Acryl LP Bayport Complex O2655 7/5/19 9/4/19 Renewal
ETC Texas Pipeline Ltd Halley Plant/Compressor Station O3254 7/5/19 9/4/19 Renewal

Please contact the EPA State Coordinator if you have any questions about the information contained in the table below, or need information for any permit that was available for public review before October 1, 2017