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Operating Permit Timeline for Texas

Company Permit Number End of EPA Review Petition Deadline Comments
San Miguel Electric Cooperative Inc O85 11/03/17   Renewal. Comments received. EPA review suspended.
Sandy Creek Services LLC. O3336 11/17/17 01/17/18

Initial Issuance and Response to Comments. Petition received on 1/16/2018

Premcor Refining Group Inc Valero Port Arthur Refinery O1498 12/22/17 02/21/18 Renewal and Response to Comments - Petition Received on 02/20/2018
Valero Refining Texas LP Valero Houston Refinery O1381 04/30/21 06/30/21 Proposed Permit and Response to Comments (RTC) on Renewal for EPA review.
ETC Texas Pipeline Ltd  Waha Gas Plant O2546 01/10/20 03/11/20 Renewal - Response to Comments received - Petition Received on 03/11/2020
Oxbow Calcining LLC Port Arthur Plant O1493 08/28/20 10/28/20 Renewal  - Response to Comments received - Petition Received on 10/28/2020
ExxonMobil Corporation Baytown Chemical Plant O2269 07/31/20 9/30/20 Renewal - EPA Objection Issued 01/23/2020 - Petition Received on 09/30/2020
Shell Oil Company Chemical Plant O1669 03/20/20   Renewal - Comments received on 02/28/20 - EPA review suspended.
Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA Inc Port Arthur Refinery O1267     Renewal - Response to Comments received - EPA Review Suspended 02/26/20. TCEQ to address EPA concerns and reissue the RTC.
Dow Chemical Company Hydrocarbons & Energy Salt Dome Operations O2213 (Formerly O2212) 06/30/20 08/30/20 EPA Order on Petition VI-2015-12 issued on February 18, 2020.

Click this link to see the TCEQ Executive Director's Response to EPA Order On Petition No. VI-2015-12 received on May 15, 2020.

Woodville Pellets Inc Woodville Mill O3609 08/28/20   Renewal -  Comments Received on 08/10/2020 EPA review suspended. Permit Expired. No RTC to be issued. New permit is O4246
Gulf Coast Growth Ventures LLC Olefins Derivative and Utilities O4169 12/18/20 02/17/21 Initial Issuance - Response to Comments received - Petition Received on 02/24/2021 (Late due to Winter Storm Uri)
Equinix LLC  O4157 03/07/21 05/07/21 Initial
Motiva Enterprises LLC Fort Worth Terminal O4204 03/07/21 05/07/21 Initial
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Orange Plant O1310 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
Equistar Chemicals LP Chocolate Bayou Polymers Plant O1607 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
Performance Materials NA Inc Dow Victoria Site O1903 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
The Dow Chemical Company Dow Beaumont Aniline O1961 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC  Compressor Station 802 O272 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
Lower Colorado River Authority Winchester Power Park O3026 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
American Midstream Gas Solutions LP Longview Gas Plant O3097 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
Trunkline Gas Company LLC Beeville Compressor Station O3185 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
ExGen Handley Power LLC Handley Steam Electric Station O51 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
Kinder Morgan Production Company LLC Yates Gas Plant O800 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC Camden Plywood and Lumber Complex O982 03/07/21 05/07/21 Renewal
Diamond Green Diesel LLC Renewable Diesel/Fuels Plant O4228 03/12/21 05/12/21 Initial
Plains Pipeline LP Midland Complex  O3531 03/12/21 05/12/21 Significant Revision
Air Products LLC - La Porte Texas Facility O1249 03/12/21 05/12/21 Minor Revision
Nucor Steel Longview LLC O3922 03/12/21 05/12/21 Minor Revision
Stolthaven Houston Inc Bulk Liquids Storage and Distribution Terminal Channelview O1060 03/12/21 05/12/21 Renewal
BASF Corporation BASF Bishop Plant O2016 03/12/21 05/12/21 Renewal
Valero Refining Texas LP Corpus Christi Tank Farm O6012 03/12/21 05/12/21 Renewal
Laredo LLC Laredo Power Station O29 03/12/21 05/12/21 Renewal
Owens Corning Insulating Systems LLC Waxahachie Plant O1094 03/19/21 05/19/21 Minor Revision
Lhoist North America of Texas LLC Clifton Lime Plant O1108 03/19/21 05/19/21 Minor Revision
Tokai Carbon CB Ltd Borger Carbon Plant O1414 03/19/21 05/19/21 Minor Revision
Diamond Shamrock Refining Company LP Valero McKee Refinery O1555 03/19/21 05/19/21 Minor Revision
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company LLC Compressor Station 1 O3039 03/19/21 05/19/21 Minor Revision
Enterprise Products Operating LLC Area 72 CGP Facility O3433 03/19/21 05/19/21 Minor Revision
Coronado Midstream LLC Deadwood Cryo Plant O3484 03/19/21 05/19/21 Minor Revision
Aquatics Inc O1063 03/19/21 05/19/21 Renewal
MHBA CB LLLP Chocolate Bayou Plant O2320 03/19/21 05/19/21 Renewal
DCP Operating Company LP Goldsmith Gas Plant O2585     Renewal - TCEQ received public comments on 02/23/2021 suspending EPA review of the draft permit
Magellan Pipeline Terminals LP Odessa Terminal O2764 03/19/21 05/19/21 Renewal
Building Materials Investment Corporation Dallas Plant O2771     Renewal - TCEQ received public comments on 02/02/2021 suspending EPA review on the draft permit
TC Terminals LLC Houston Tank Farm O4253 03/26/21 05/26/21 Initial Issuance
INV Nylon Chemicals Americas LLC HMD/BIO/OLA O1902 03/26/21 05/26/21 Minor Revision
Luminant Generation Company LLC Odessa Ector Generating Station O2119 03/26/21 05/26/21 Minor Revision
ExxonMobil Corporation Baytown Chemical Plant O2269 03/26/21 05/26/21 Minor Revision
Nouryon Surface Chemistry LLC O1238 03/26/21 05/26/21 Renewal
Indorama Ventures Oxides LAB Chocolate Bayou Plant O2319 03/26/21 05/26/21 Renewal
Ascend Performance Materials Texas Inc Environmental Control Unit (ECU) Chocolate Bayou Plant O2325 03/26/21 05/26/21 Renewal
Hardin Street Transportation LLC Pasadena Station O2773 03/26/21 05/26/21 Renewal
Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers Inc W R Crowley Sugar House O995 03/26/21 05/26/21 Renewal
Ascend Performance Materials Texas Inc NTA O1258 04/02/21 06/02/21 Renewal
Geo Specialty Chemicals Inc  O1595 04/02/21 06/02/21 Renewal
GenTex Power Corporation Lost Pines 1 Power Plant O1994 04/02/21 06/02/21 Renewal
Midcoast Pipelines (Texas Gathering) L.P. Eldridge Compressor Station O3795 04/02/21 06/02/21 Renewal
Midcoast Pipelines (Texas Gathering) Gem City Compressor Station O3821 04/02/21 06/02/21 Renewal
Wolf Hollow II Power LLC O3848 04/02/21 06/02/21 Renewal
Equistar Chemicals LP Bayport EO Plant O1373 04/02/21 06/02/21 Minor Revision
ISP Technologies Inc Texas City Plant O1592 04/02/21 06/02/21 Minor Revision
ETC Texas Pipeline Ltd Spearman Gas Processing Plant O3566 04/02/21 06/02/21 Minor Revision
Midcoast G & P East Texas LP Grapeland Plant O3853 04/02/21 06/02/21 Minor Revision
Enterprise Products Operating LLC Fractionation Units IX, X, XI, and DIBII O4035 04/02/21 06/02/21 Minor Revision
INEOS Oligomers USA LLC Chocolate Bayou O4123 04/16/21 06/16/21 Initial Issuance
WGR Operating LP Laser CTF O4214 04/16/21 06/16/21 Initial Issuance
Exxon Mobil Corporation Mont Belvieu Plastics Plant O2276 04/16/21 06/16/21 Minor Revision
DSM Nutritional Products LLC Beta Carotene Production Unit O3943 04/16/21 06/16/21 Minor Revision
DARTCO of Texas LLC DARTCO of Texas Waxahachie Site O1010 04/16/21 06/16/21 Renewal
The Praxis Companies LLC Ennis Facility O2690 04/16/21 06/16/21 Renewal
Temple Generation I LLC O3544 04/16/21 06/16/21 Renewal
South Texas Electric Cooperative Inc Red Gate Power Station O3810 04/16/21 06/16/21 Renewal
WGR Operating LP Hawk CTF O4215 04/23/21 06/23/21 Initial Issuance
ExxonMobil Pipeline Company Wink Terminal O4242 04/23/21 06/23/21 Initial Issuance
Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC Lufkin Chemical Plant O1140 04/23/21 06/23/21 Renewal
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Sweeny Complex O2151 04/23/21 06/23/21 Renewal
ANR Pipeline Company E.G. Hill Compressor Station O3261 04/23/21 06/23/21 Renewal
Cryovac Inc O3383 04/23/21 06/23/21 Renewal
Magellan Pipeline Company LP Hearne Station O4234 04/30/21 06/30/21 Initial Issuance
Performance Materials NA Inc Site Services Sabine River Operations O1899 04/30/21 06/30/21 Minor Revision
Covestro LLC Plastics O2100 04/30/21 06/30/21 Minor Revision
Entergy Texas Inc. Montgomery County Power Station O4066 04/30/21 06/30/21 Minor Revision
ONEOK Texas Gas Storage LLC Loop Complex O3055 05/07/21 07/07/21 Renewal
WTG Gas Processing LP South Feagan 2 Treating Facility O3747 05/07/21 07/07/21 Renewal
Targa Midstream Services LLC Mertzon Gas Processing Plant O834 05/07/21 07/07/21 Renewal
Valley Co-Op Oil Mill Harlingen Facility O981 05/07/21 07/07/21 Renewal
Centurion Pipeline LP Midland Tank Farm O3769 05/07/21 07/07/21 Minor Revision
Battleground Oil Specialty Terminal Company LLC O4254 05/14/21 07/14/21 Initial Issuance
The Dow Chemical Company Dow Texas Operations Freeport O2213 05/14/21 07/14/21 Minor Revision
Wise County Power Company LLC Wise County Power Plant O2604 05/14/21 07/14/21 Minor Revision
ExxonMobil Pipeline Company Webster Station O3038 05/14/21 07/14/21 Minor Revision
DCP Operating Company LP Andrews Booster Station O2537 05/14/21 07/14/21 Renewal
Magellan Pipeline Terminals LP East Houston Terminal O2721 05/14/21 07/14/21 Renewal
Maverick Maintenance & Supply LLC O2746 05/14/21 07/14/21 Renewal
Midcoast Pipelines Texas Gathering L.P. Allison Gas Plant O3829 05/14/21 07/14/21 Renewal
Texas Port Recycling Inc TPR Manchester Facility O4243 05/21/21 07/21/21 Initial Issuance
INEOS USA LLC Polyethylene La Porte Plant O1439 05/21/21 07/21/21 Significant Revision
Graphic Packaging International LLC Texarkana Mill O1378 05/21/21 07/21/21 Minor Revision
TEDA TPCO America Corporation O3660 05/21/21 07/21/21 Renewal
BHER Power Resources Inc C R Wing Cogeneration Plant O91 05/21/21 07/21/21 Renewal
Acme Brick Company Bennet Plant O1597 05/28/21 07/28/21 Minor Revision
Formosa Plastics Corporation Texas Polyethylene Plant O1957 05/28/21 07/28/21 Minor Revision
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC  Compressor Station 304 Marshall O3200 05/28/21 07/28/21 Minor Revision
Midcoast G & P (East Texas) LP Longview Gas Processing Plant O3251 05/28/21 07/28/21 Minor Revision
Point Comfort Power LLC Peaking Facility O3917 05/28/21 07/28/21 Minor Revision
Southwestern Electric Power Company Knox Lee Power Plant O36 05/28/21 07/28/21 Renewal
Arkema Inc Beaumont Facility O1636 05/28/21 07/28/21 Renewal
Gulf Coast Authority Bayport Facility O1708 05/28/21 07/28/21 Renewal
Performance Materials NA Inc Sabine River Operations O2055 05/28/21 07/28/21 Renewal
Indorama Ventures Oxides LLC Port Neches Operations O2288 05/28/21 07/28/21 Renewal
Nustar Logistics LP Southlake Refined Products Terminal O4272 06/04/21 08/04/21 Initial Issuance
Frito-Lay Inc Rosenberg Facility O1104 06/04/21 08/04/21 Minor Revision
Arcosa LWS LLC O1117 06/04/21 08/04/21 Minor Revision
Air Liquide Large Industries US LP Air Liquide Bayou Cogeneration Plant O1735 06/04/21 08/04/21 Minor Revision
Targa Pipeline Min-Continent Westtex LLC Midkiff Gas Plant O3120 06/04/21 08/04/21 Minor Revision
Kinder Morgan Crude & Condensate LLC Condensate Splitter Facility O3764 06/04/21 08/04/21 Minor Revision
Gulf Coast Growth Ventures LLC Olefins Derivative and Utilities O4169 06/04/21 08/04/21 Minor Revision
Vitro Flat Glass LLC O1113 06/04/21 08/04/21 Renewal
Structural Metals Inc SMI Texas O1316 06/04/21 08/04/21 Renewal
The Boeing Company O2099 06/04/21 08/04/21 Renewal
IACX Rock Creek LLC Rock Creek Gas Plant O2449 06/04/21 08/04/21 Renewal
Paradigm Midstream Services ST LLC KM East Central Facility O3801 06/04/21 08/04/21 Renewal
Equistar Chemicals LP Olefins and Polymers Manufacturing Areas O2223 06/11/21 08/11/21 Significant Revision
Enterprise Products Operating LLC Houston Terminal O1043 06/11/21 08/11/21 Minor Revision
Archer Daniels Midland Company Southern Cotton Oil Lubbock Facility O1123 06/11/21 08/11/21 Minor Revision
Celanese Ltd Carbon Monoxide Unit O1329 06/11/21 08/11/21 Minor Revision
Tokai Carbon CB Ltd Big Spring Carbon Black Plant O1550 06/11/21 08/11/21 Minor Revision
Delaware Basin Midstream LLC State Line Compressor Station O3937 06/11/21 08/11/21 Minor Revision
Lehigh White Cement Company LLC White Cement Plant O1035 06/11/21 08/11/21 Renewal
Clean Harbors Deer Park LLC O1566 06/11/21 08/11/21 Renewal
Ticona Polymers Inc TO/SH/TF/Dioxolane Units O2017 06/11/21 08/11/21 Renewal
Moss Bluff Hub LLC Natural Gas Storage Facility O2587 06/11/21 08/11/21 Renewal
Texas Eastern Transmission LP Thomaston compressor Station O3040 06/11/21 08/11/21 Renewal
Colorado Bend II Power LLC Colorado Bend II Power Plant O3849 06/11/21 08/11/21 Renewal
Flint Hills Resources Corpus Christi LLC Fort Worth Terminal O4244 06/18/21 08/18/21 Initial Issuance
Enterprise Crude Pipeline LLC Seaway Texas City Station O4258 06/18/21 08/18/21 Initial Issuance
Magellan Crude Oil Pipeline Company LP Crane Station O4292 06/18/21 08/18/21 Initial Issuance
Lhoist North America of Texas LLC New Braunfels Lime Plant O1122 06/18/21 08/18/21 Significant Revision
Enterprise Products Operating LLC Mont Belvieu Complex Propane Dehydrogenation Unit O4004 06/18/21 08/18/21 Significant Revision
Celanese Ltd Bay City Plant O1628 06/18/21 08/18/21 Minor Revision
Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC Pineland Manufacturing Complex O2407 06/18/21 08/18/21 Minor Revision
Orion Eningeered Carbons LLC Orange Carbon Black Plant O1660 06/18/21 08/18/21 Renewal
Texas Barge & Boat Freeport Facility O1698 06/18/21 08/18/21 Renewal
Midcoast Pipeline Texas Gathering LP North Briscoe Compressor Station O3815 06/18/21 08/18/21 Renewal
DCP Operating Company LP Pegasus Gas Plant O675 06/18/21 08/18/21 Renewal

Please contact the EPA State Coordinator if you have any questions about the information contained in the table below, or need information for any permit that was available for public review before October 1, 2017

Initial Issuance