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Analytical Methods for Drinking Water

Enhancing Radiological Laboratory Testing for Radionuclides in Drinking Water - Training

This video course in radiochemistry is divided into seven different modules. Generally the modules should be taken in numerical order as material in the first modules is referenced in later modules.

Training modules on this page:

Basics of Radioactivity

1.1 - Basics of Atomic Theory (Video)(19 minutes)
1.2 - Introduction to Radioactivity (Video)(29 minutes)
1.3 - Decay Chains and Radiochemical Equilibria (Video)(26 minutes)

Sample Preservation, Pretreatment, and Preparation

2.1 - Sample Preparation, Preservation, and Pretreatment (Video)(14 minutes)
2.2 - Carriers, Tracers and Yield Calculations (Video)(25 minutes)

Principles of Radiochemical Separations

3.1 - Solubility and Precipitation (Video)(36 minutes)
3.2 - Oxidation and Reduction ("Redox") (Video)(13 minutes)
3.3 - Complexation (Video)(16 minutes)
3.4 - Ion Exchange (Video)(20 minutes)
3.5 - Solvent Extraction (Video)(24 minutes)

Detection Techniques

4.1 - Basics of Radiation Interaction with Matter (Video)(22 minutes)
4.2 - Liquid Scintillation Counting: Theory and Analysis (Video)(27 minutes)
4.3 - The Basics of Gas Proportional Counting (Video)(27 minutes)
4.4 - Alpha Spectrometry 1: Principles (Video)(22 minutes)
4.5 - Alpha Spectrometry 2: Calibration and Calculations (Video)(13 minutes)
4.6 - Gamma Spectrum Analysis (Video)(31 minutes)

EPA Approved Radiochemical Drinking Water Methods

5.1 - Tritium Analysis by Liquid Scintillation Counting (EPA Method 906.0) (Video)(24 minutes)
5.2 - Measurement of Gross Alpha and Gross Beta (EPA Method 900.0) (Video)(30 minutes)
5.3 - Radium-226 Analysis by EPA Method 903.1 (Video)(33 minutes)
5.4 - Radium-228 Analysis by GPC (EPA Method 904.0) (Video)(33 minutes)
5.5 - Uranium by Gross Alpha (EPA Method 908.0) and by Alpha Spectrometry (ASTM Method D3972) (Video)(17 minutes)
5.6 - Gamma Spectrometry 2: Calibrations, Presets, and EPA Method 901.1 (Video)(32 minutes)

Determination of Measurement Uncertainty for Radiochemical Analysis

6.1 - Determination of Measurement Uncertainty for Radiochemical Analysis (Video)(35 minutes)

Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Radiochemical Analysis

7.1 - Quality Assurance in Radiochemical Analyses: Overview of Requirements for the Laboratory (Video)(20 minutes)