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Outdoor Air Quality Data

Air Data - Daily Air Quality Tracker

Compare daily AQI values for any year with the 20-year high and low (2000-2019) and the five-year average (2015-2019).  You can also generate a one-page PDF report for 2020.

More information: The most recent AQI values are based on available ozone and PM2.5 data from AirNow (see "Use of AirNow Data" info box).  The 20-year high/low backdrop is based on AQS data from 2000-2019.  It shows the range of the highest and lowest daily max AQI values on each date.  The 5-year average is based on AQS data from 2015-2019.  It  shows the average of daily max AQI values on each date.

Tip: Hover over lines to display data points. Download the data using the link below the charts.

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