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Regional Operations serves as the Regional offices' advocate and ombudsman at headquarters and is a critical link between the Regional/Deputy Regional Administrators, Administrator/Deputy Administrator, and the Assistant Administrators. Regional Operations ensures the incorporation of Regional office views and needs in the formulation of agency and national policy and decision-making processes, as well as the integration of headquarters' policy and concerns into Regional office operations.

Specifically, Regional Operations performs two critical planning and resource roles for the Agency:

Regional liaison:
  • coordinates logistics, agendas, and subject matter for routine, special, and "hot issue" meetings and conference calls of EPA and Senior Regional Leadership
  • coordinates and maintains the Lead Region System which enhances Regional participation in Agency decision-making;
  • champions/advocates for the Regions in obtaining information from appropriate Headquarters and Regional Offices to support Regional Administrator and Deputy Regional Administrator decision-making;
  • collects and distributes to Regional senior managers current information and perspectives available on rapidly emerging issues, development of rapid summaries of Regional perspectives on issues, special analyses, and tools for cross-Regional assessments.

Program manager: This role involves resources monitoring and policy coordination of the agency’s Lab Services and Applied Sciences Divisions (LSASDs).

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Location:  EPA Headquarters at Washington, D.C. Federal Triangle campus


Melissa Saddler, Director, State and Regional Partnerships

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