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Region 2 Media Contacts

Find contacts for specific topics in the table below or call the general phone line: 212-637-3660.

Media Relations Branch Chief

Elias Rodriguez

Press Officers

Beat Name Phone
Air John Senn 212-637-3662
Brownfields John Senn 212-637-3662
Environmental Justice John SennStephen McBay 212-637-3662, 212-637-3672
Hudson River Cleanup Larisa Romanowski 518-407-0400
Pesticides Stephen McBay 212-637-3672
Puerto Rico Brenda Reyes 787-977-5869
Spanish Language Media Stephen McBayElias Rodriguez 212-637-3672, 212-637-3664
Superfund and Emergency Response Stephen McBay 212-637-3672
Toxics Stephen McBay 212-637-3672
Voluntary Programs John SennStephen McBay 212-637-3662, 212-637-3672
Water John Senn 212-637-3662
Waste, Hazardous and Solid Stephen McBay 212-637-3672
Western New York Mike Basile 716-551-4410

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