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Livestock Anaerobic Digester Database

image of anaerobic digester projects in the U.S. mapAnaerobic Digester Projects in the U.S. (display larger interactive map)The Livestock Anaerobic Digester Database provides key information on anaerobic digester projects on livestock farms in the United States. Project data is accessible through the database map, database table, or downloadable Excel file. AgSTAR publishes updated data on this website periodically (generally, two times per year) to enhance public access to information and support the development of biogas recovery projects. Because the data are compiled from a variety of voluntary sources, AgSTAR cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in the Anaerobic Digester Database. While the Program strives to keep the information as updated and accurate as possible, the database is not exhaustive and may not include data for every anaerobic digester project on livestock farms in the United States.

The database map and table list only projects that are in operation. The downloadable Excel file includes projects that are under construction and projects that have been shut down. The Excel file also contains more site-specific information.

Pursuant to 5 CFR § 2635.702(c)(2), names are displayed here as the result of recognition for achievement given under an agency program of recognition for accomplishment in support of the agency’s mission. Any reference to a specific company or commercial product or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, company, or otherwise does not constitute or imply the endorsement or recommendation of EPA.

Excel icon AgSTAR Livestock Anaerobic Digester Database(74 K, April 2021)

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Project Name City State Digester Type Biogas Use(s) Start Year Animal Types Co-digestion Attributes USDA Funding
Project Name City State Digester Type Biogas Use(s) Start Year Animal Types Co-digestion   USDA Funding