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Children's Health Curriculum Lesson 9: All Together Now - Air, Water, Food, and Shelter

Lesson 9

This lesson sums up everything the kids have learned about how interconnected the earth is. It also helps them make individual, group, and family pledges to help create a safer and healthier environment.

Kids Will Be Able To:

  • connect the previous lessons to their daily lives;
  • commit to taking action as individuals to improve their environment in a tangible way; and
  • commit as a group to take collective action to improve their environment in a tangible way.

How to Get This Lesson:

  • The complete lesson plan offers everything you need, including all visual materials.

Download the complete lesson plan

Lesson 9: All Together Now—Air, Water, Food, and Shelter

Download parts of the lesson plan

Instructor materials:
Lesson Cards (PDF) (8 pp, 2 MB)
Review Cards (PDF) (15 pp, 2 MB)

Handouts for students:
Take Home Talk (PDF) (2 pp, 580 K)
Individual Pledge (PDF) (1 pg, 1 MB)


Poster 1 Pledge (PDF) (2 pp, 916 K)

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