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Environmental Information Exchange Network (EN)

EPA enhances implementation of the EN through the Exchange Network Grant Program. 

See: Exchange Network Grant Program

Environmental Information Exchange Network (EN)

The Environmental Information Exchange Network (EN) is a partner-inspired, developed, implemented and governed information network. It facilitates environmental data sharing among EPA, states, tribes and territories. The EN:

  • Facilitates the sharing of environmental data, especially through shared and reusable services;
  • Streamlines data collection and exchanges to improve timeliness for decision making;
  • Increases the quality and access to environmental data;
  • Reduces burden and costs for co-regulators and the regulated community; and
  • Supports better decisions on environmental and health issues.

CROMERR provides EN partners with standards for electronic reporting that improve the efficiency, speed and quality of data exchange while preserving the integrity of EPA’s compliance and enforcement activities.