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Region 7 – Table of Clean Water Act Public Notices

Table of Clean Water Act
Civil Penalty Order Public Notices
(Posted below are proposed penalties that have been publically noticed as required by the Clean Water Act)

Public Notice Archives

Table of Clean Water Act Civil Penalty Order Public Notices
Date Docket Number In the Matter of City County State Proposed Penalty
02/13/2018 CWA-07-2017-0342 MFA Oil Company Poplar Bluff   MO $27,000
02/13/2018 CWA-07-2017-0342 MFA Oil Company Warrensburg   MO $27,000
02/13/2018 CWA-07-2017-0342 MFA Oil Company Higginsville   MO $27,000
02/13/2018 CWA-07-2017-0342 MFA Oil Company Lexington   MO $27,000
02/13/2018 CWA-07-2017-0450 Waterford Ventures, LLC Urbandale   IA $23,353
01/29/2018 CWA-07-2018-0062 Kenneth Venner d/b/a Kenneth Venner Feedlot Arcadia   IA $9,000
01/12/2018 CWA-07-2018-0024 Iowa Department of Transportation Ames   IA $155,000
01/04/2018 CWA-07-2018-0095 C&S Enterprise, L.L.C. Victor   IA $40,500 
12/20/2017 CWA-07-2017-0465 Whitaker Aggregates, Inc. d/b/a Centerville Quarry   Linn KS $5,000
12/06/2017 CWA-07-2017-0364 Rock Equity Holdings, LLC Waukee   IA $3,800
10/10/2017 CWA-07-2017-0367 Trans Ova Genetics, L.C. Chillicothe   MO $10,314
09/18/2017 CWA-07-2017-0355 Jim Dalinghaus d/b/a Jim Dalinghaus Feedlot Baileyville   KS $77,970
09/18/2017 CWA-07-2017-0365 Benton’s Sand & Gravel, Inc. Cedar Falls   IA $9,742
08/31/2017 CWA-07-2017-0218 Nebraska Department of Transportation Lincoln   NE $45,000
08/30/2017 CWA-07-201700-0203 Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc. d/b/a Johnny on the Spot Edwardsville   KS $22,000
08/28/2017 CWA-07-2015-0047 Heath Van Essen Inwood Lyon IA $15,000
08/18/2017 CWA-07-2017-0034 Brooks Grease Service, Inc. Kansas City   KS $25,000
08/07/2017 CWA-07-2017-0135 Bull Moose Tube Company Gerald   MO $11,909
08/07/2017 CWA-07-2017-0108 Forterra Concrete Products, Inc. Shawnee   KS $9,022
07/21/2017 CWA-07-2017-0219 Ronald Fricke Carroll Carroll County IA $25,186
06/28/2017 CWA-07-2017-0207 Benton’s Ready Mix Concrete, Inc. Cedar Falls   IA $27,630
06/07/2017 CWA-07-2017-0040 City of Waukee, Iowa Waukee   IA $17,127
06/05/2017 CWA-07-2017-0146 Missouri Smelting Technology, Inc. Troy   MO $7,313
05/17/2017 CWA-07-2017-0041 Hubbell Metropolitan Development Fund I, LLC Waukee   IA $21,386
05/01/2017 CWA-07-2017-0109 Bettis Asphalt and Construction, Inc. Topeka   KS $10,000
05/01/2017 CWA-07-2016-0010 Schildberg Construction Company, Inc. Osceola   IA $18,292
04/13/2017 CWA-07-2017-0033 Iowa City Ready Mix, Inc. Iowa City   IA $78,000
04/05/2017 CWA-07-2017-0113 Pierce Lumber, Inc. Belle Plaine   IA $12,000
03/23/2017 CWA-07-2017-0100 City of Parsons, Kansas Parsons   KS $20,000
03/15/2017 CWA-07-2017-0027 Gibbon Packing, LLC Gibbon   NE $204,576.50
03/01/2017 CWA-07-2017-0017 Accurate Land Company, Inc., Acadia Subdivision, Plat 1 and Plat 2 Urbandale   IA $11,000
02/13/2017 CWA-07-2017-0020 Silver Oak, Inc. d/b/a Alice Patricia Homes Residential Development Waukee   IA $5,000
02/13/2017 CWA-07-2016-0047 City of Troy, Missouri Troy   MO $100,000
01/18/2017 CWA-07-2016-0067 Wiebe Farms, Inc. Whitewater   KS $35,000
01/18/2017 CWA-07-2017-0018 M&R Holdings, LLC d/b/a Brandon’s Reserve Residential Development Waukee   IA $8,350
01/18/2017 CWA-07-2017-0004 Village of Pender, Nebraska Wastewater Treatment Facility Pender   NE $13,900
12/29/2016 CWA-07-2015-0107 Haag Oil Company, LLC Topeka   KS $31,134
11/15/2016 CWA-07-2016-0091 Union Pacific Railroad Company Herington Dickinson KS $24,000
10/4/2016 CWA-07-2016-0033 North Cascade Road Developers, LLC Dubuque   IA $50,000
09/29/2016 CWA-07-2016-0079 Agri Star Meat & Poultry, LLC Postville   IA $43,000
08/17/2016 CWA-07-2016-0018 Central Missouri AGRIService, LLC Marshall   MO $166,914
08/17/2016 CWA-07-2016-0083 Sioux City Foundry Company South Sioux City   NE $20,000
08/17/2016 CWA-07-2016-0078 City of West Union, Iowa West Union   IA $5,520
08/17/2016 CWA-07-2016-0082 City of Bloomfield, Iowa Bloomfield   IA $10,000
08/17/2016 CWA-07-2016-0044 City of Columbia, MO Columbia   MO $54,396
07/21/2016 CWA-07-2016-0063 Country Club Estates, LLC Marion   IA $7,225
07/18/2016 CWA-07-2016-0060 Goodrum Farm CR314, LLC   Butler MO $15,000
07/15/2016 CWA-07-2016-0056 Waters Edge Land Company, LLC Overland Park   KS $7,600
06/14/2016 CWA-07-2016-0024 City of Russell, Kansas Russell   KS $9,100
06/06/2016 CWA-07-2016-0053 Tony L. Brown and Joshua A. Brown d/b/a Riverview Cattle Armstrong   IA up to $96,000
06/06/2016 CWA-07-2016-0055 Majestic C Team, LLC Omaha   NE $10,750
05/31/2016 CWA-07-2015-0125 Organic Resource Management, Inc. Florissant   MO $24,000
05/23/2016 CWA-07-2016-0035 Celebrity Homes, Inc. d/b/a Hanover Falls Residential Construction Bennington   NE $3,100
05/19/2016 CWA-07-2016-0034 Acme Foundry, Inc. Coffeyville   KS $28,975
05/17/2016 CWA-07-2016-0012 Warren County, Missouri   Warren MO $3,000
05/17/2016 CWA-07-2016-0011 Gasconade County, Missouri   Gasconade MO $3,000
03/10/2016 CWA-07-2016-0013 City of Osceola, Iowa Osceola Clarke IA $14,400
03/02/2016 CWA-07-2016-0021 Franklin County, Kansas   Franklin KS $20,000
02/24/2016 CWA-07-2016-0004 Darling Ingredients, Inc. (d/b/a Dar Pro) Sioux City   IA $99,000
02/03/2016 CWA-07-2015-0084 Loveland Products, Inc. Fairbury   NE $145,000
01/06/2016 CWA-07-2015-0072 Joy Development Properties, LLC, and Summit Concrete, Inc. Pleasant Valley / LeClaire   IA $15,858
12/28/2015 CWA-07-2016-0002 City of Leavenworth, Kansas Leavenworth   KS $85,000
12/07/2015 CWA-07-2016-0001 City of Crystal City, Missouri Crystal City Jefferson MO $6,500
10/21/2015 CWA-07-2015-0068 City of Albia, Iowa Albia   IA $18,000
10/07/2015 CWA-07-2015-0083 Kenneth C. Williams and Roger Williams   Wayne MO $35,000
10/07/2015 CWA-07-2015-0101 David Cozad, Michael Schumacher and/or Brad Peterson (d/b/a Credit Island Recycling) Davenport   IA $5,000
9/21/2015 CWA-07-2014-0089 Garen Goebel, Washington County, KS  Mahaska Washington KS $25,000
08/18/2015 CWA-07-2015-0054 Coastal Energy Corporation, Willow Springs, MO Willow Springs   MO $25,000
08/13/2015 CWA-07-2015-0074 Iowa Fertilizer Company, LLC and Orascom E&C USA, Inc., Wever, Iowa Wever   IA $80,689
08/12/2015 CWA-07-2015-0070 Mid-America Sand, L.L.C. Independence, Missouri Independence   MO $40,000
08/12/2015 CWA-07-2015-0048 Pink Hills Acres, Inc Blue Springs   MO $15,000
07/20/2015 CWA-07-2015-0049 Besser Company USA Boone   IA $38,609
07/13/2015 CWA-07-2015-0014 Audubon Materials LLC d/b/a Central Plains Cement Company LLC, Sugar Creek, Missouri Sugar Creek   MO $21,246
07/13/2015 CWA-07-2015-0015 Audubon Readymix LLC d/b/a Quicksilver Readymix LLC, Sugar Creek, Missouri Sugar Creek   MO $3,000
06/29/2015 CWA-07-2015-0066 City of Shenandoah, Iowa Shenandoah   IA $15,000
06/16/2015 CWA-07-2015-0043 Union Pacific Railroad Company, DeSoto, Missouri DeSoto   MO $58,800