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Can a training provider that is accredited only in a Federal program state teach a course at a location in an authorized State that would lead to certification in the Federal program?

Answer: The Federal program does not restrict the location where Federal program training courses can be provided. In other words, a federally-accredited training provider may provide training in any state, and the resultant certification would enable a person to work in all federal program states. However, the Federally-accredited training provider must comply with federal lead-based paint program regulations, including the requirement that the training provider list the location of its facilities, including facilities in authorized States, in its original or amended accreditation application. The training provider must also notify EPA before and after conducting the course. These notices must include a valid EPA accreditation number for the lead-based paint activities course being offered. Additionally, if a federally-accredited training provider is planning on providing training at a location in an authorized State, EPA recommends that the training provider confer with the authorized State to determine whether the State allows the advertising or teaching of courses not accredited by that State, requires notification of training, or imposes any other requirements. 

Question Number: 23002-33461

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