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Do test results from a certified renovator using an EPA-recognized lead test kit (40 CFR § 745.83) or performing paint chip sampling (40 CFR § 745.82) become an official part of the lead-based paint testing record for that house thus negating the need for a certified lead inspector or certified lead risk assessor to conduct the inspection in that area of the house? Can a certified renovator conduct a complete lead-based paint inspection and give the property owner as an inspection report?

Answer: The results of paint testing using lead test kits or paint chip sampling are part of the official lead-based paint testing record for a home, and must be disclosed under EPA's Real Estate Disclosure regulation (40 CFR part 745, subpart F).  However, EPA's regulations only provide for a certified inspector or risk assessor to conduct a lead-based paint inspection and to prepare a lead-based paint inspection report.  Thus, allowing renovators to test components does not negate the requirement that a certified inspector or risk assessor follow the requirements set forth in § 745.227(b) when conducting a lead-based paint inspection.

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