EPA Lead-Safe Certification Program

Apply today for renovation certification

Please follow the steps below and start the process today:

Step 1:  Where will you be working?
If you will work in only one of these states (AL, DEGA, IA, KS, MA, MS, NC, OK, OR, RI, UT, WA or WI), or in the Bois Forte Tribe follow the link provided for the state or tribe and apply directly to that program.  Otherwise, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Get your firm certified, recertified, or update your information. 

  • APPLY FOR FIRM CERTIFICATION/RECERTIFICATION ONLINE. When applying for recertification, your new certification begins when your old one expires. You’re not penalized for applying early.
  • Follow this link to update your firm's information or to request a copy of your firm's certificate.

Note:  Want to check the status of your application or download a copy of a recently issued certificate?  Go to EPA's E-Enterprise portal, login with your CDX user name and password, then go to the “progress tracker” section.  You'll be able to see the status of your firm application and if complete download your certificate.  The certificate is available through the portal for 6 months following issuance, after that you'll need to submit a certificate replacement request.

Step 3: Employees must be trained. Make sure your employees are trained in and use Lead-Safe Work Practices. Each firm must have at least one certified renovator.

  • Renovators are certified upon completion of an EPA accredited renovator training course.
    • Their course completion certificate serves as their certification credential. 
    • For initial certification, renovators must take an 8-hour training that includes 2 hours of hands-on learning.
  • To remain certified a renovator must complete a refresher training course before their current certification expires. 
    • The expiration date is based on when the course was taken (see table below). 
    • For recertification, renovators must take a 4-hour refresher training that includes hands-on learning every other time they take the refresher course.
    • Renovators who take the online refresher training will be certified for three years; renovators who take the hands-on training in the refresher course will be certified for five years.
  • If certification expires, the 8-hour course must be taken again to regain certification. 
  • Find an RRP training class or provider in your area.
Renovator Training Expiration Information
Date course completed Expiration
On or before March 31, 2010 March 31, 2016
From April 1, 2010 - March 31, 2011 6 years from the date of course completion
On or after April 1, 2011 5 years from the date of course completion

Step 4: Download your personalized logo. Once you receive your EPA Lead-Safe Firm Certification in the mail and logo instructions in your e-mail, feel free to use the logo on your advertising materials.

Additional information: