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I am planning on sending the pamphlet via certificate of mailing to a tenant who occupies a unit scheduled to be renovated.  Does the tenant’s name need to be addressed on the mailing, or is it acceptable to address the envelope to Attn: Tenant/Occupant?

Answer: The tenant’s name and address must be indicated on the mailing.  The RRP Rule requires a renovator to provide the “Renovate Right” pamphlet to an adult in each unit.  Therefore, the name and address of an adult occupant in each unit must be indicated on the mailing.  The renovator must also retain a receipt of a certificate of mailing from the Post Office at least seven days before any renovation activities and retain a record of notification for 3 years. See 40 CFR 745.84(a)(2) and 745.84(a)(2)(ii). 

Question Number: 23002-32363

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