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Must self-employed or one-person businesses that perform lead-based paint activities, such as lead-based paint inspections, risk assessments, or abatements, be certified as firms in addition to being certified as individuals?

Answer: Yes. Under 745.226(a)(5), individuals performing lead-based paint activities must be certified, so all self-employed persons must be certified as individuals in the appropriate discipline(s). In addition, the definition of certified firm at 745.223 includes sole proprietorships that perform lead-based paint activities.

The definition of certified firm also includes other business entities that perform lead-based paint activities. This includes all other one-person businesses that would not be considered to be sole proprietorships. Under 745.226(f)(1), all firms performing or offering to perform lead-based paint activities must be certified. Therefore, any person who is self-employed or operating a one-person business which performs or offers to perform lead-based paint activities, must be certified in the appropriate individual disciplines as required by 745.226(a) and must also be certified as a firm under 745.226(f).

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