Questions and Answers About ETV Reports on Portable Technologies for Measuring Lead in Dust

What are the ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) reports on lead dust testing?

The ETV reports on lead dust testing describe the results of evaluations by EPA of several different portable technologies that measure lead in dust wipe samples. Lead in dust is regarded as one of the primary routes by which children are poisoned by lead.

Can my testing firm use an ETV-tested portable technology to determine lead dust content?

In states and tribal lands where EPA is operating a federal lead program, any dust samples collected in a risk assessment, lead hazard screen, or clearance after a lead abatement must be analyzed by a laboratory or testing firm recognized by EPA under the National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program (NLLAP). Testing firms that operate portable equipment are all eligible to obtain EPA recognition through the NLLAP. All other applicable federal, state, tribal and local testing regulations also have to be met.

In states or tribal lands where the state or tribe is operating an EPA authorized program, the same requirement for analysis of dust samples by an NLLAP recognized laboratory or testing firm is in place for most states and tribes. However, a state or tribe may have testing regulations that differ from the EPA requirements, even though the overall program is authorized by EPA. To be sure what the requirements are, check with the state or tribal program where you want to do sampling. For information on whether your state or tribe has an EPA federal program or a state/tribal program authorized by EPA, call the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD(5323) or access the most current state and tribal authorization map (PDF).

It is possible for a city or other local government to have its own additional regulations, so check in your locality as well for any testing requirements.

How can my testing firm become an NLLAP testing firm?

EPA currently recognizes five laboratories as accrediting organizations for the NLLAP. Apply to any of these organizations for accreditation in the NLLAP:

Testing firms operating portable equipment, mobile laboratories, and fixed site laboratories are all eligible to apply for NLLAP accreditation.

The NLLAP page provides more information about the accreditation program.