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Pollution Prevention (P2)

Pollution Prevention Tools and Calculators

These calculators are intended to help P2 Grantees measure environmental outcomes and economic performance related to pollution prevention activities. If you have further questions about how to use the calculators, please check out this YouTube video Exit on the P2 calculators  or review these power point slides for more clarification. 

  • P2 Cost Calculator(1 pg, 683 K) : Assesses cost savings associated with a variety of factors such as: reduced costs for hazardous inputs and handling hazardous waste; reductions in air permitting fees; and reduced charges for water usage and electricity.
  • Gallons to Pounds Converter: Provides conversions from common business units to units reported for the P2 grant Programs. Converts gallons to pounds of hazardous materials reduced.
  • P2 Greenhouse Gas Calculator(1 pg, 2 MB) : Calculates GHG emission reductions from electricity conservation, green energy, fuel and chemical substitutions, water conservation, and improved materials management. A special feature makes a direct conversion of GHG reductions to related cost savings, drawing on data in the P2 Cost Savings Calculator. Read here for more information on the calculator

Here is additional information on measurement for P2 Grantees.

For additional assistance with the P2 calculators, contact Kathy Davey,, 202-564-8832 or Natalie Hummel,