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Nebraska SIP: Lincoln-Lancaster County - Nebraska Rules of Practice and Procedure

Lincoln-Lancaster County

(Note: Article 2. Sections 13 and 29 are not SIP approved.) 

Approved Pursuant to

52.1420(c) Rule





Title V

Section 1 Intent X     X
Section 2 Unlawful Acts X     X
Section 3 Violations, Hearings, Orders X      
Section 4 Appeal Procedure X      
Section 5 Variance X      
Section 7 Compliance, Actions to Enforce, Penalties for Non-compliance X     X
Section 8 Procedure for Abatement X      
Section 9 Severability X      
Section 1 Definitions X     X
Section 2 Major Sources, Defined X     X
Section 4 Ambient Air Quality Standards X      
Section 5 Operating Permits, When Required X   X X
Section 6 Emissions Reporting, When Required X     X
Section 7 Operating Permits, Application X   X X
Section 8 Operating Permit, Content X   X X
Section 9 General Operating Permits for Class I and II Sources X   X X
Section 10 Operating Permits for Temporary Services X   X X
Section 11 Emergency Operating Permits, Defense X   X X
Section 12 Operating Permit Renewal and Expiration X   X X
Section 13 Class I Operating Permit, EPA Review, Affected States Review       X
Section 14 Permits, Public Participation X   X X
Section 15 Operating Permit Modifications, Reopening for Cause X   X X
Section 16 Stack Heights, Good Engineering Practice X      
Section 17 Construction Permits, When Required X      
Section 20 Particulate Emissions, Limitations and Standards X      
Section 22 Incinerator Emissions X      
Section 24 Sulfur Compound Emissions, Existing Sources, Emission Standards X      
Section 25 Nitrogen Oxides (Calculated as Nitrogen Dioxide), Emissions Standards for Existing Stationary Sources X      
Section 29 Operating Permit Emission Fees       X
Section 32 Dust, Duty to Prevent Escape of X      
Section 33 Compliance, Time Schedule for X      
Section 34 Emission Sources, Testing, Monitoring X      
Section 35 Compliance, Exceptions Due to Startup Shutdown or Malfunction X      
Section 36 Control Regulations, Circumvention, When Excepted X      
Section 37 Compliance, Responsibility of Owner-Operator Pending Review by Director X      
Section 38 Emergency Episodes, Occurrence and Control, Contingency Plans X      
Appendix 1 Emergency Emission Reductions X      

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