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Vessel Sewage Management Strategies Webcast

Monday, November 2, 2020

2:30 - 4:30 pm Eastern

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Join this webinar to learn about how discharges from recreational, commercial, and military vessels are regulated in the United States, with a focus on vessel sewage regulations and management strategies. After providing a broad introduction to the relevant federal regulations, speakers will discuss their on-the-ground experience providing education and outreach to boaters and marinas, implementing no-discharge zones (areas where the discharge of sewage from vessels is prohibited), and leveraging grant funding to construct and maintain critical infrastructure.

Vessel sewage discharges can negatively impact human health and the environment through the introduction of nutrients, disease-causing bacteria, and other pollutants. This webinar will explore how federal regulations under the Clean Water Act, combined with effective state and local vessel sewage management strategies, complement each other to ensure that inadequately.


Kelsey Watts-FitzGerald, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Kate Brown, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Jenny East, Oregon State University, Oregon Sea Grant

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