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Past Members of the Acute Exposure Guideline Levels (AEGL) Committee (1996-2011)

The last meeting of the ONational Advisory Committee for Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Hazardous Substances (NAC/AEGL Committee) was in April 2010, and its charter expired in October 2011. Although the work of the NAC/AEGL Committee ended, the AEGL program continues to operate at EPA and works with the National Academies to publish final AEGLs.

AEGL Committee Chairman
George Rusch

Designated Federal Officer
Paul S. Tobin
U.S. EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics


AEGL Program Director
Roger Garrett


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Federal Government

Lynn Beasley
U.S. EPA/Superfund

Robert Benson
U.S. EPA/Region VIII

Kyle Blackman
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Iris A. Camacho
U.S. EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics

Gail Chapman
U. S. Navy

George Cushmac
U.S. Department of Transportation

Albert G. Dietz
U.S. Department of Energy

Richard Erickson
U.S. Navy

Ernest Falke
Chair, SOP Workgroup
U.S. EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics

David Freshwater
U.S. Department of Energy

Alfred Feldt
U.S. Department of Energy

John P. Hinz
U.S. Air Force

James Holler
Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

Warren Jederberg
U.S. Navy Glenn Leach U.S. Army

Mark A. McClanahan
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Richard Niemeier
U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health

Thomas J. Sobotka
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Kenneth Still
U.S. Air Force

Thomas Tuccinardi
U.S. Department of Energy

George Woodall
U.S. EPA/Office of Research & Development

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Academia and Other Organizations

Alan Becker
Association of State and Territorial
Health Officials (ASTHO)

Jonathan Borak
Yale University

Loren Koller
Oregon State University

Marinella Payton
Department of Public Health
Jackson State University

George Rodgers
University of Louisville

Daniel Sudakin
American College of Occupational and
Environmental Medicine

Doan Hansen
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dieter Heinz
National Fire Protection Association

Robert Snyder
Environmental and Occupational Health
Sciences Institute

Richard Thomas
International Center for Environmental Technology

Alan Woolf
American Association of Poison
Control Centers

Foreign Governments

Marc Baril
IRRST Canadian Government Occupational and
Safety Research Institute

Mattias Oberg
Swedish Institute of Environmental Medicine,
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Marc Ruijten
National Institute of Public Health and
Environmental (RIVM), The Netherlands

Marcel T.M. van Raaij
National Institute of Public Health and
Environmental (RIVM), The Netherlands

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Labor Unions

Edward Bernas
American Federation of Labor and Congress
of Industrial Organizations

John Morawetz
International Chemical Workers Union

Private Industry

Steven Barbee
Arch Chemicals, Inc.

Larry Gephart
Exxon Mobil Corporation

Ralph Gingell
Shell Oil Company

Clarion E. Johnson
Exxon Mobil Corporation

Susan Ripple
Dow Chemical Company

State Government

George Alexeeff
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment,
California EPA

Henry Anderson
Wisconsin Department of Public Health

David Belluck
Minnesota Department of Transportation

William Bress
Vermont Department of Health

Neeraja Erraguntla
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Roberta Grant
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Thomas C. Hornshaw
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Nancy K. Kim
New York State Department of Health

Zarena Post
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

Martha Steele
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

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The following individuals provided invaluable technical support to the AEGL program:

Surender Ahir
U.S. Occupational Safety and
Health Administration

Cheryl B. Bast
Oakridge National Laboratory

Peter Bos
RIVM, The Netherlands

Heather Carlson-Lynch
SRC, Inc.

Kowetha Davidson
Oakridge National Laboratory

Gary Diamond
SRC, Inc.

Boris Filatov
Research Institute of Hygiene,
Toxicology, and Occupational
Pathology (RIHTOP)

Mark Follansbee
SRC, Inc.

Sharon Frazier

Peter Griem

Ursula Gundert-Remy

Lisa Ingerman
SRC, Inc.

Fritz Kalberlah

Marquea D. King

Valery Kiryukhin

Julie Klotzbach
SRC, Inc.

Alexander A. Maslennikov

Sylvia Milanez
Oakridge National Laboratory

Dennis Opresko
Oakridge National Laboratory

Annick Pichard

Jennifer Rayner
Oakridge National Laboratory

Robert H. Ross
Oakridge National Laboratory

Judy Strickland

Letty Tahan

Sylvia Talmage
Oakridge National Laboratory

Sylvie Tissot

Ludmila P. Tochilkina

Claudia Troxel
Oakridge National Laboratory

Annetta Watson
Oakridge National Laboratory

Carol S. Wood
Oakridge National Laboratory

Robert A. Young
Oakridge National Laboratory

Valentin Ye. Zhukov

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