Burn Wise

Burn Wise Funding

Burn Wise works with federal, state, tribal and local agencies to find and promote viable funding options to replace wood-burning appliances with cleaner home heating.

EPA’s Guide to Financing Options for Wood-burning Appliance Changeouts is a detailed description of available funding options - from federal funds to third party financing - that may cover the cost of a wood smoke reduction program and the changeouts needed to reduce harmful pollution while providing a warmer, more efficient home heating alternative. 

Many areas have used supplemental environmental project (SEP) funds to replace old wood stoves with cleaner appliances. A SEP is an environmentally beneficial project that a violator of an environmental law voluntarily agrees to undertake in the settlement of a civil enforcement action.

Guidance for Using State Environmental Projects to Implement Wood Stove Changeout Programs

List of areas and organizations with past or current interest in pursuing a wood-burning appliance changeout or retrofit project

Strategies for Reducing Residential Wood Smoke