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Burn Wise

Learn How to Burn Wood the Right Way and Share the Message

Tip sheets, brochures, flyers, posters, tear sheets, videos, an activity book and other resources. Order free copies.

Learn How to Burn Wood the Right Way

  • Tip Sheets (in English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese
  • Brochures and Flyers
    • Wet Wood is a Waste (brochure) (English and Spanish)
    • Tribal Wet Wood is a Waste (brochure)
    • Does Your Wood Stove Have a Dirty Little Secret (brochure) (English and Spanish)?
    • Test Your Wood with a Moisture Meter (flyer) (English and Spanish)
    • Build a Firewood Storage Shed (flyer)
    • Don't Let Your Investment Go Up in Smoke - Burn Dry, Seasoned Wood (flyer)
  • Best Practices Videos on YouTube
  • Children's Wood Smoke Activity Book

Share the Burn Wise Message

  • Burn Wise Health and Safety Awareness Kit about reducing wood smoke pollution
  • Postcards, Tearsheets, and Presentation Materials
    • Learn Before You Burn (tearsheet)
    • Learn Before you Burn (postcard)
    • Outreach Campaign for State, local and Tribal agencies (presentation)
    • Outreach Campaign for businesses (presentation)
  • Posters
    • Learn Before You Burn (small and large posters)
    • Your Old Wood Stove's Dirty Little Secret (poster)
    • Health Effects Poster (small and large)
    • Learn Before You Burn 48 Hour Video Contest (poster and checklist)
    • Breathe Easier with Cleaner Outdoor Wood-Fired Heaters (poster)

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