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Building the Capacity of Drinking Water Systems

Software for Check-Up Program for Small Systems (CUPSS)

CUPSS is a legacy software application that was developed more than 10 years ago to assist drinking water and wastewater utilities in implementing an asset management plan. CUPSS was developed to run on Windows XP. Some users have reported challenges and compatible issues while trying to work with CUPSS in Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. While still available for use, the tool is no longer being updated and may not compatible with the latest computer operating systems. Additional asset management tools and resources can be found on the Asset Management Resources for States and Small Drinking Water Systems page.

CUPSS Software

1.3.10 July 2017

CUPSS Software Version 1.3.10(1 pg, 283 MB)  is available!

Enhancements to the software include improvements in report formatting, addition of Print Asset Details option, and other fixes to enhance usability.

Previous enhancements included:
  • Added Assets Plus Costs Report. Allows users to view asset details and the associated O&M costs for the selected assets. This report allows the user to develop a snapshot of the total costs of assets for the current year and previous years.
  • Option to upload attachments such as word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets and images to inventory assets.
  • Added a “Last Updated on” time stamp for each asset in the inventory.
  • Ability to copy an asset and all of its associated data to create a similar asset. It can then be given a unique asset name to make it a unique asset.
These are the minimum system requirements for running CUPSS:
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • At least 256 MB free hard drive space
  • Video card capable of running at least 800x600 screen resolution

In general, CUPSS is designed to run on any system running Windows 95 or later.

If you experience any issues downloading the software, please refer to the Resources for CUPSS Users page for troubleshooting tips.

Using the Application

  • CUPSS includes a comprehensive help module with a full glossary, clickable help icons, and a searchable database of help topics. These features should provide much of the support you need when using the application.

  • All information available in the help module is also available as a printable User's Guide. Visit the Resources for CUPSS Users page to view the User's Guide.

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