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ERLN Regional Support

Regional Roles:

EPA's Regional Laboratories play an important role in the ERLN:

  • Serve as a regional point of contact for analytical issues during responses;
  • Identify, organize, and coordinate all regional laboratory assets for ERLN during a response including screening and confirmatory laboratories;
  • Coordinate sample flow from an emergency event to ERLN member labs from within and outside the Region;
  • Coordinate special analytical service requests to national contract labs and oversee ERLN surveillance and testing performed by member laboratories as requested to assure laboratory results;
  • Coordinate national training exercises for terrorism-related events as related to analytical capability and capacity to ensure efficient sample flow to member labs; and
  • Partner with regional emergency and disaster coordinators (law enforcement, FEMA, OSCs, and other emergency response organizations).

Analytical services provided by the ten regional laboratories include a full spectrum of routine and special chemical and biological testing in support of regional and national programs including:

  • air,
  • water,
  • pesticides,
  • toxics,
  • hazardous waste,
  • ambient monitoring,
  • compliance monitoring,
  • criminal and civil enforcement, and
  • special projects.

Other core functions include:

  • technical advice and assistance to state and local agencies concerning analytical techniques,
  • methodology and quality control,
  • field sampling support,
  • expert witness testimony, and
  • training of program staff and other organizations.

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