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Good Neighbor Environmental Board (GNEB): Reports to the President of the United States

Note: To request a hard copy of a GNEB Report, please contact the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) at or 1-800-490-9198 and request publication by the number listed next to each report on this page. Below is a list of the reports available at NSCEP.  To get a copy of reports 1 thru 3 which are not available at NSCEP, please contact the DFO, Eugene Green at or 202-564-2432.

Good Neighbor Environmental Board Reports

19th Report

18th Report

17th Report

GNEB Reports available thru NSCEP only

GNEB Report EPA Publication No.
16th EPA-130-R-14-001
15th EPA-130-R-12-001
14th EPA-130-R-11-001
13th EPA-130-R-10-001
12th EPA-130-R-09-001
11th EPA-130-R-08-001
10th EPA-130-R-07-003
9th EPA-130-R-06-002
8th EPA-130-R-05-001
7th EPA-130-R-04-001
6th EPA-130-R-03-001
5th EPA-130-R-02-001
4th EPA-130-R-01-001