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  • If you need technical assistance, please contact your FEC Champion.
  • Send an email to fec@epa.gov.
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Map of the US showing US EPA Regional divisions

Regional Champions

Region Champion Phone Email
Region 01 Christine Beling 617-918-1792 beling.christine@epa.gov
Region 02 Tina Guthrie 202-564-8846 guthrie.christina@epa.gov
Region 03 Dan Gallo 215-814-2091 gallo.dan@epa.gov
Region 04 Robin Billings 404-562-8515 billings.robin@epa.gov
Region 05 Christopher Newman 312-353-8402 newman.christopherm@epa.gov
Region 06 Stephen Sturdivant 214-665-6673 sturdivant.stephen@epa.gov
Region 07 Steve Fishman 913-551-7158 fishman.steve@epa.gov
Region 08 Kim Bartels 303-312-6346 bartels.kim@epa.gov
Region 09 Jessica Counts-Arnold 415-972-3288 counts-arnold.jessica@epa.gov
Region 10 Domenic Calabro 206-553-6640 calabro.domenic@epa.gov

Champions help federal facilities to:

  • Access resources for managing electronics, including FEC program information, fact sheets

Champions are also available to speak about improving the electronics lifecycle, and the FEC, with interested federal agencies and Facility Partners at their facility, at meetings, or at conferences throughout the region.

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