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Light-Duty Vehicle CO2 and Fuel Economy Trends

Explore the CO2 and Fuel Economy Trends Data

The interactive data tools below provide a way to explore public data from the CO2 and Fuel Economy Trends report. The summary data are aggregated at the vehicle type, regulatory class, and fleetwide levels for model years 1975-2017. All 2017 values are preliminary.

Quick tips to utilize the interactive data tools, below:

  • Hover your mouse over points on the graph to reveal data.
  • Change the graph displayed by clicking on the y-axis label and selecting the variable of interest (MPG, CO2, Production Share, Weight, Footprint, or Horsepower).
  • Filter the data by clicking on trend lines or years in the graph or the legend. Apply the selection by clicking on green box with a check mark.
  • Alternatively, scroll down to use the “Filter the Data” panes or the data table, to filter by Model Year, Vehicle Type, or Regulatory Class.
  • Selections will be highlighted in green and appear in the grey toolbar. Cancel or clear a selection by clicking the red box with an X, or use the grey tool bar at the top.

Note: This page was published in 2018 and uses the 2017 Trends summary data made public in January 2018. Updated data is released annually with the publication of the report. Users of the data are encouraged to read the About the Data page and download and review Section 10 of the report (Additional Database and Report Details) to fully understand the data.

Suggested data citation: US Environmental Protection Agency. Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Fuel Economy Trends: 1975 Through 2017. Data available at Accessed Month DD, YYYY.