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Geospatial Resources at EPA

EPA Metadata Editor

The EPA Metadata Editor (EME) is a simple geospatial metadata editor that allows users to create and edit records that meet EPA metadata requirements.

EPA developed several major versions of the EME over the years. All installation files and source code for all versions of the EME can be found on the official U.S. EPA GitHub site

EPA Metadata Editor Pro

Released November 2020

EPA Metadata Editor v5.0

Released March 2017, updated June 2018

EPA Metadata Editor v4.0

Released October 2014

  • Non-geospatial metadata editor
  • Provides core elements from ISO 19115 and supports OMB’s Project Open Data Metadata Schema
  • EPA Metadata Editor 4.0 Wiki

EPA Metadata Editor v3.2.1

Released October 2008