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EPA Grants

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EPA Forms

The EPA forms are valid through 4/30/2021 based on Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Control No. 2030-0020.

Forms used by grant applicants and recipients are provided below. Forms for fellowships are also included.

  • Applicants (Pre-Award)
  • Recipients (Post-Award)
  • Fellowships (Pre- and Post-Award)

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Type Form Number Form Name and Description
Type Form Number  
Applicants EPA Form 4700‑4 Preaward Compliance Review Report for All Applicants and Recipients Requesting Federal Financial Assistance
Collects information that enables EPA to determine whether applicants are developing projects, programs, and activities on a non-discriminatory basis.
EPA Form 4700‑4 details on | Download PDF
Applicants EPA Form 5700‑54 Key Contacts Form
Collects contact information for individuals responsible for various aspects of the proposed work, including authorized representative, payee, administrative contact, and investigators.
EPA Form 5700‑54 details on | Download PDF
Applicants EPA Form 5700‑54‑2 Key Contacts Form for Multiple Principal Investigators
Additional Key Contacts Form for organizations with multiple principal investigators.
EPA Form 5700‑54‑2
Applicants EPA Form 6600‑06 Certification Regarding Lobbying
Contains certifications about the use of Federal appropriated funds in connection with lobbying.
EPA Form 6600‑06
Applicants EPA Form 6600‑09 EPA Administrative Capability Questionnaire
Completed by non-profit organizations seeking EPA grant awards of more than $200,000 and under certain special conditions.
EPA Form 6600‑09
Applicants NCER Form 5 Current and Pending Support
Collects information to determine whether the principal investigator has available capability to handle the additional workload proposed by EPA under research grants.
NCER Form 5
Applicants SF‑424 Application for Federal Assistance
Requires basic information about the applicant (name, address, telephone number, type of applicant, etc.), including a list of sources of proposed funding and a description of the proposed project.
SF‑424 details on | Download PDF
Applicants SF‑424A Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs
Collects budget information for Non-Construction Programs.
SF‑424A details on | Download PDF
Applicants SF‑424C Budget Information for Construction Programs
Collects budget Information for Construction Programs.
SF‑424C details on | Download PDF
Applicants SF‑424D Assurances for Construction Programs
Provides assurances for Construction Programs.
SF‑424D details on | Download PDF
Applicants SF‑LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
Used by applicants to disclose lobbying activities that have been secured to influence the outcome of a Federal action.
SF‑LLL details on | Download PDF
Recipients EPA Form 190‑F‑04‑001 US EPA Payment Request
Used to request payment from EPA for assistance agreements or grants.
EPA Form 190‑F‑04‑001
Recipients EPA Form 5700‑52A MBE/WBE Utilization Under Federal Grants
Completed by recipients of Federal grants, cooperative agreements, or other Federal financial assistance which involve procurement of supplies, equipment, construction or services to accomplish Federal assistance programs.
Note: The general Micro-Purchase threshold for EPA assistance agreements has been increased from $3500 to $10,000 and that the Simplified Acquisition Threshold has been increased from $150,000 to $250,000. See RAIN-2018-G04.
EPA Form 5700‑52A
Recipients EPA Form 5700‑53 Lobbying and Litigation Certificate
Completed at project completion to certify that funds have not been used to engage in the lobbying of the Federal Government or in litigation against the United States.
EPA Form 5700‑53
Recipients EPA Form 6600‑08 Lobbying Cost Certificate for Indirect Costs/Certificate of Indirect Costs for State and Local Governments
Completed by non-profit grant recipients and contains the certification required by OMB Circular A-122.
EPA Form 6600‑08
Recipients SF‑270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement
Used by recipients to request advances or reimbursement on all non-construction programs when the advance payment or reimbursement methods are used.
SF‑270 details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑271 Outlay Report and Request for Reimbursement for Construction Programs
Used by recipients of construction grants to request reimbursements.
SF‑271 details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑3881 ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form
Completed by grant recipients to enable the U.S. Treasury Department to transmit payment data, by electronic means, to vendor's financial institution.
SF‑3881 details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑425 Federal Financial Report
Used by recipients to submit reports on their grant's financial progress.
SF‑425 details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑425A Federal Financial Report Attachment
Used by recipients for reporting on cash management activity for multiple grants.
SF‑425A details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑428 Tangible Personal Property
Used by recipients to report on tangible personal property (equipment and supplies) when required by a Federal financial assistance award.
SF‑428 details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑428-A Tangible Personal Property – Annual Report
Used by recipients of Federal financial assistance when required to provide annual inventory listings of Federally-owned property.
SF‑428-A details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑428-B Tangible Personal Property – Final Report
Used by recipients when required to provide a final property report for closeout of Federal assistance awards.
SF‑428-B details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑428-C Tangible Personal Property – Disposition Request/Report
Used by recipients when required to request disposition instructions or to report disposition of Federally-owned property or acquired equipment under Federal assistance awards at any time other than award closeout (i.e., during the award period or after closeout as long as the Federal government retains an interest in the item).
SF‑428-C details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑428S Tangible Personal Property – Supplemental Sheet
Used by recipients to provide detailed individual item information in connection with required reports of tangible personal property under Federal assistance awards.
SF‑428S details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑429 Real Property Status Report
Used by recipients of Federal financial assistance to report real property status or to request agency instructions on real property that was/will be provided as Government Furnished Property (GFP) or acquired (i.e. purchased or constructed) in whole or in part under a Federal financial assistance award.
SF‑429 details on | Download PDF
Recipients SF‑SAC Data Collection Form for Single Audits
Requires non-federal entities that expend $750,000 or more in a year in federal awards to conduct a single audit in accordance with 2 CFR 200, Subpart F "Audit Requirements."
SF‑SAC (see form beginning on page 12 of the Single Audit Checklist document)
Fellowships (Pre-Award) EPA Form 5770‑2 Fellowship Application
Basic application form for individuals seeking fellowships and requires information on the applicant's educational and work experience background.
EPA Form 5770‑2
Fellowships (Pre-Award) EPA Form 5770‑3 Fellowship Facilities and Commitment Statement
Requires information about the institution that will sponsor the fellowship applicant, the sponsor's summarized plans for the applicant's training, and the institution's commitment to provide that training.
EPA Form 5770‑3 
Fellowships (Pre-Award) EPA Form 5770‑5 Agency Fellowship Certification
Used by applicants who are current or prospective employees of a regional, State, or local environmental pollution control or regulatory agency.
EPA Form 5770‑5 
Fellowships (Post-Award) EPA Form 190‑F‑05‑001 Fellowship Stipend Payment Enrollment Form
Completed by fellowship recipients to enable the Treasury Department to transmit payment data, by electronic means, to vendor's financial institution.
EPA Form 190‑F‑05‑001
Fellowships (Post-Award) EPA Form 5770‑9 Completion of Studies Notice
Used to officially terminate the fellowship.
EPA Form 5770‑9

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