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Grants for your Region: Information that is specific to EPA Region 3

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Current Regional Grant Opportunities

  • FY2018 support for Small Water Grant (SWG) and Innovative and Nutrient Sediment Reduction (INSR) Grant
    RFP #EPA-R3-CBP-18-01  Open Date:  November 22, 2017  Closing Date:  January 15, 2018

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Chesapeake Bay Program Office (CBPO) is announcing a request for proposals (RFP) for supporting both the:

          1. Small Watershed Grants (SWG) program; and

          2. Innovative Nutrient and Sediment Reduction (INSR) grants program.

    The SWG program promotes community-based efforts to develop conservation strategies to protect and restore the diverse natural resources of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. 

    The INSR grants program supports efforts within the Chesapeake Bay watershed that will vastly accelerate sub-watershed and/or regional scale implementation of nutrient and sediment reductions with innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective approaches.

  • FY 2016 Technical Analysis and Programmatic Evaluation Support to the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership
    RFP #EPA-R3-CBP-16-06  Open Date:  October 3, 2016  Closing Date:  November 26, 2016

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Chesapeake Bay Program Office (CBPO) is announcing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for applicants to provide the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) partners with a proposal(s) for providing technical analysis and programmatic evaluation support for the CBP partnership in support of the implementation of the most cost-effective, efficient, and targeted nutrient and sediment reduction actions for the protection and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed.  Proposals will also provide for technical support for the targeted implementation of actions in support of reaching the goals and outcomes of the 2014 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement.

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Supplemental Regional Information

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Grants Contacts

Contact Email Phone Program
Tanya Thomas (thomas.tanya@epa.gov) 215-814-5408 (1) Technical Assistance Grants
(BF) Brownfield Assessments
(BF) Brownfield Cleanups
(BF) Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund
(V) Superfund State Site-Specific Cooperative Agreements (MD/VA/WV/DC)
(V) Superfund Pre-Remedial Response Program (MD/VA/WV/DC)
Bobbi Robinson (robinson.bobbi@epa.gov) 215-814-2107 (JT) Brownfield Job Training
(V) Superfund State Site-Specific Cooperative Agreements (DE/PA)
(V) Superfund Pre-Remedial Response Program (DE/PA)
(VC) Superfund CORE Program
(RP) State Response Program
(PB) State Lead TSCA
(I) Clean Water Act Section 106
Bernard McCullagh (mccullagh.bernie@epa.gov) 215-814-5403 (C9) Nonpoint Source Implementation Grants: CWA Section 319 
(BG) Performance Partnership Grants (Pesticides)
Tina Withelder (withelder.tina@epa.gov) 215-814-5411 (CD) Regional Wetland Program Development Grants
(XP) Congressionally Mandated Projects (VA/WV)
(UW) Urban Waters
( (K1) State Indoor Radon Grants Program Support
(AA) Multipurpose Grants to States and Tribes
Julie Dietrich (dietrich.julie@epa.gov) 215-814-5373 (CB) Chesapeake Bay Program
(NP) Pollution Prevention
Lorraine Fleury (fleury.lorraine@epa.gov) 214-814-2341 (CE) National Estuary
(CU) Beach Monitoring and Notification
(X1) Resource Conservation Challenge Grants
(CH) Children's Health
(UW) Urban Waters
Donna Armstrong (armstrong.donna@epa.gov) 215-814-5393 (A1) Environmental Finance Centers
(XA) Surveys, Studies, etc. (Misc. Clean Air Act)
(XP) DC Water Infrastructure Grants
(BG) Performance Partnership Grants (Multimedia) ( MD / VA )
(EQ) Environmental Justice
(C)   DC Wastewater Treatment Construction
(FS) DC WASA - Safe Drinking Water
Kelly Rakus (rakus.kelly@epa.gov) 215-814-5163 (DE) National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program
(DS) State Clean diesel Grant Program
(CS) Clean Water State Revolving Fund
(FS) Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
(A) Clean Air Act Section 105
(PM) Particulate Matter 2.5 and Speciation Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network
(F) State Public Water System Supervision
Matthew Creedon (creedon.matthew@epa.gov) 215-814-5174 (BF) Brownfield Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements
(TR) Brownfield Training, Research, and Technical Assistance
(X9) Source Reduction Assistance
(NE) Environmental Education Grants
(K) Toxic Substances Compliance Monitoring Cooperative Agreements
Baseemah Patterson (patterson.baseemah@epa.gov) 215-814-5371 (XP) Congressionally Mandated Projects (DE/MD/PA)
(C6) Water Quality Management Planning
(G) State Underground Water Source Protection
(D) Hazardous Waste Management State Program Support
(LS) Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
(L) Underground Storage Tanks

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Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic): Serving Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia