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Green Book

Green Book Carbon Monoxide (1971) Area Information

This section provides detailed information about nonattainment area designations for the Carbon Monoxide (1971) National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Original areas were designated November 15, 1990.

  1. All Designated Area Selections (Nonattainment and Maintenance)
    1. Area/State Information
    2. Area Design Values
    3. State/Area and Design Value Information
    4. State/County/Area Information
    5. State/Area/County List
    6. Area/State/County List

  2. Nonattainment Area Selections

    As of September 27, 2010, all Carbon Monoxide areas have been redesignated to maintenance.
  3. Maintenance Area Selections (Redesignated from Nonattainment)
    1. Areas Sorted by Classification
    2. Not Classified Areas
    3. State/County/Area Information
    4. State/Area/County List
    5. Area/State/County List

  4. Other Information
    1. Summary Reports
      1. Maintenance Area Summary Report

    2. Designation of Areas for Air Quality Planning Purposes (November 6, 1991
      See 40 CFR PART 81 (PDF)(165 pp, 9.3 MB, About PDF)

  5. Federal Register Notices Related to Carbon Monoxide (1971 Standard) Areas
    1. Attainment Date Extensions

    2. Classification Changes

    3. All Federal Register Notices
      1. Notices Listed By Category
      2. Notices Listed By Area Name
      3. Notices Listed By State then Area
      4. Notices Listed By Date