Importing Vehicles and Engines

How to Obtain a Copy of a Certificate of Conformity for a Heavy-duty or Nonroad Engine

A Certificate of Conformity is the document that EPA issues to an engine manufacturer to certify that an engine class conforms to EPA requirements. Every class of heavy-duty engines/vehicles and nonroad engines introduced into commerce in the U. S. must have a Certificate of Conformity, and they are valid for only one model year of production.

If you are exporting a heavy-duty highway engine or nonroad engine from the United States to another country, they may require certification. A Certificate of Conformity and Certification Information will contain the emission standards the heavy-duty on-highway engine or nonroad engine was certified to.

EPA maintains a database of certification data for heavy-duty highway engines and nonroad engines/equipment (model years 1998 to the present).  You will need to know the engine family number (found on the emission label) to obtain certification information from this database.

  • Go to Engine Certification page.
  • Choose the type of engine.
  • Choose the model year.
  • Depending upon the model the information will be in either Excel spreadsheet and/or File Maker (in File Maker search by the manufacturer or engine family name).

If you were unable to find in the database a Certificate of Conformity or test data for a heavy-duty highway or nonroad engine, please provide the following information to EPA’s Imports Hotline by: email to Imports Hotline at; fax to 734-214-4676; or phone to 734-214-4100.

  • Model year of engine.
  • Type of engine (nonroad gasoline or diesel, heavy-duty highway gasoline or diesel).
  • Manufacturer.
  • Engine Family number (11 characters using both numbers and letters – printed on the emission label, which is located on the engine or in the engine compartment of the equipment).
  • Your name.
  • Contact information (address, email address, or fax number where you want EPA to send the Certificate of Conformity).