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Under the Pre-Renovation Education Rule, I have the option of using a certificate of mailing to notify the owner or occupant. What is the difference between a certificate of mailing and certified mail?

A certificate of mailing is a receipt showing evidence of mailing, while certified mail provides proof of mailing and delivery of mail. When using the certificate of mailing option, no record is kept at the mailing office and a receipt is not obtained when mail is delivered to the addressee. In contrast, the certified mail option provides a receipt to the sender and a record of delivery is maintained by the Postal Service. ;For additional information on sending the pamphlet via mail see FQ 23002-32363. If an individual chooses to mail the pamphlet, a certificate of mailing is the minimum requirement (see 745.84(a)(1)(ii) and 745.84(a)(2)(ii)). An individual utilizing the mailing option also has the option to use the certified mail process instead of the certificate of mailing.

Question Number: 23002-32364

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