Webinars about Integrated Pest Management in Schools

The EPA Center for Integrated Pest Management has completed its 2017 webinar series featuring experts from across the country relaying educational and practical strategies for establishing and improving integrated pest management programs in schools. We invite you to participate in the upcoming webinars and to review the information on the past topics.  If you would like the PDF file of the slides presented for our webinars, please email your request to school.ipm@epa.gov.

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Planned Webinars

EPA is in the process of planning the new webinar series for Integrated Pest Management which will begin in the Fall 2017.

Follow these links for more information on these previous webinars. Note that recordings of these webinars are included, when available. 

Getting Started: IPM 101

Resources and Guidance

Bed Bugs and Lice


Ants and Termites


Mosquitos and Wasps

Vertebrate and Flying Pests

Site-Specific Places Call for Specific Action

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