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Pacific Southwest Media Center (Region 9)

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Greening the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Federal Green Challenge Award Goes to National Park Service for Renewable Energy Innovation

Removing Underground Storage Tanks on Navajo Nation
EPA’s Underground Storage Tank Program located and removed two underground storage tanks at the former Smith Lake Trading Post

No Wasted Food at Super Bowl 50
San Francisco food recovery efforts during Super Bowl 50

EPA Stops Sales of WellPlant's "Mold Manager"
WellPlant, Inc. to stop selling Mold Manager, an unregistered pesticide in violation of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

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May—June 2017
Revitalizing Communities, Job Training, Youth Awards, and More.

March—April 2017
Energy Conservation, Tribes, Superfund Cleanup, Earth Day, and More.

January—February 2017
Administrator Pruitt, Food Recovery, Sustainable Communities, Cleaner Buses, and More.