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Managing the Quality of Environmental Data at EPA Region 4

Environmental data are essential to making correct decisions that protect human health and the environment. To help ensure data quality and integrity, Region 4 has established a strong quality management structure focused on continual improvement for regional EPA programs and divisions.  Region 4 also offers guidance and technical support to state, local and tribal organizations and to citizens of Region 4 in obtaining environmental data of known and documented quality.

The primary quality assurance (QA) functions in Region 4 include:

  • implementing the mandatory agency-wide quality system
  • providing technical assistance regarding the collection of chemical, biological, microbiological and radiological data under:
    • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
    • Superfund
    • Clean Air
    • Clean Water/Safe Drinking Water Acts for the:
      • RCRA Program
      • Superfund Program
      • Air Progam
      • Water Program
  • providing technical support/assistance to regional project officers and grantees
  • conducting QA evaluations of field sampling and laboratory operations
  • reviewing study plans, quality management plans and internal & external data
  • reviewing QA documentation in support of grants, cooperative & interagency agreements and contracts
  • managing the Environmental Services Assistance Team (ESAT) and national/regional analytical contracts
  • providing training/guidance on data quality, laboratory practices/ethics, designated approving officials (DAO’s) and others topics as requested

Program Guidance & Requirements

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Standard Operating Procedures

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Laboratory & Field Operations

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