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Learn More about EPA’s Plans to Establish Criteria for Radon Credentialing Organizations

Because of the substantial risk due to radon, a radioactive pollutant, it is critical for radon service providers to have the necessary skills to provide quality services, ensure consumer protection and protect public health.

The Indoor Radon Abatement Act (IRAA)  grants EPA the authority to develop and implement activities designed to assist state radon programs including operation of a “voluntary proficiency program for rating the effectiveness of radon measurement devices and methods, the effectiveness of radon mitigation devices and methods, and the effectiveness of private firms and individuals offering radon-related architecture, design, engineering, measurement, and mitigation services.”

In accordance with EPA’s statutory authority, the Agency operates a multi-faceted voluntary proficiency program aimed at:

  • rating the effectiveness of service provider proficiency,
  • ensuring accuracy of radon measurement devices, and
  • access to standards of practice for radon measurement and mitigation. 

Taken together, these activities comprise necessary technical and conformity assessment process components of a proficiency program designed to rate the effectiveness of radon measurement and mitigation service providers and radon measurement devices.

EPA has periodically evaluated its approach to rating the effectiveness of service providers within the context of current market demands for radon services. In August 2017 EPA issued a Federal Register Notice (82 FR 39993) outlining a proposed plan to update the exercise of its authority to rate the effectiveness of radon service providers. This non-regulatory proposal discussed the Agency’s plan to establish criteria for radon credentialing organizations based on voluntary consensus standards and international conformity assessment activities.   

EPA has analyzed comments received regarding the proposal, drafted a response to comments document and is working to complete an Agency review of the document. This review has taken longer than anticipated, and EPA has not yet moved forward with its planned listening sessions. The listening sessions will provide stakeholders an opportunity to hear about and respond to potential paths forward that the Agency has identified as a result of the comments received and additional research conducted. Comments received during the listening sessions and in response to the notice will inform the Agency’s final position.  

The Agency plans to hold listening sessions as soon as possible and will provide periodic updates on the status of the listening sessions on this page.

To view the Federal Register notice and comments received, visit the Agency’s electronic docket (EPA-HQ-OAR-2017-0430) on the Federal eRulemaking Portal:

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