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Renewable Fuel Standard Program

Learn What Information You’ll Find in this Website and Who To Contact

This renewable fuel standards program site contains the following:

  • Basic overview of the program, including annual standards and renewable identification numbers (RINs)
  • All program announcements to-date
  • All regulations promulgated under the applicable statutes
  • Information on renewable fuel pathways, including how to submit a petition, efficient producer petition, approved pathways and lifecycle analysis
  • Other requests EPA receives under the program such as waivers, petitions for consideration, alternative biomass tracking programs, waste separation plans, and small refinery exemptions
  • Compliance overview, including basics on quality assurance plans (QAPs) and cellulosic waiver credits
  • Program data and analysis on renewable identification numbers (RINs)
  • Information on E85 fuel and other alternative fuels

Compliance help for the RFS program such as registration, reporting, public data and the following content can be located on Fuels Registration, Reporting and Compliance Help:

  • EMTS, including:
    • Meeting & presentations
    • Tutorials
    • Documents
    • Frequent questions 
    • Conversion tool
    • System diagrams
  • Quality Assurance Plans, including:
    • Process flow diagram
    • QAP documentation
    • QAP tutorials