California High-Speed Rail

EPA Promotes Sustainable High-Speed Rail

Fly California high-speed rail

California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) began construction on the statewide high-speed rail system in the San Joaquin Valley in June 2015. Since the early planning stages of the project, EPA has partnered with CHSRA to reduce impacts to air, water, natural resources, and communities through sustainable practices Exit. EPA is partnering to promote economic, environmental, and community benefits that could result from a well planned high-speed rail system.

EPA and other federal agencies have joined the CHSRA in signing an agreement Exit for sustainable planning and design of the proposed 800 miles of track. EPA led efforts to create the agreement, which will provide a venue for partner agencies to jointly work toward sustainability goals.

As part of its responsibility under the National Environmental Policy Act to review the potential environmental impacts of federally funded projects, EPA has also submitted comment letters to the Federal Railroad Administration on the high-speed rail project.