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Healthy School Environments

Healthy School Environments

Healthy school environments can affect the attendance, concentration and performance of both students and educators.  This website presents information on key topics about establishing and enhancing healthy school environments. 

Key Topics

Air: Indoor air

Air: Outdoor air near schools



Buses and vehicle idling

Chemical management


Sensible Steps for
School Health

Assess Your School's Health

Use a fillable, printable PDF form to assess the current environmental health of your school.

Top Ten Ways to Make Your School Healthier

  1. Clear the air inside.
  2. Clear the air outside.
  3. Reduce/remove radon in school buildings.
  4. Use chemicals carefully.
  5. Test the water.
  6. Get the lead out. 
  7. Eliminate mercury.
  8. Cover up.
  9. Use toxics with caution.
  10. Educate yourself. 

Learn more:  Sensible Steps to Healthier School Environments (April 2017) (PDF).