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Soil Fumigants

Soil Fumigant Labels - Chloropicrin

Labels of soil fumigant pesticide products listed below have been updated to include safety provisions that went into effect on December 1, 2012, including new safety requirements for buffer zones and related measures.

Product Name Company
55050-7 Paladin Pic-21 Arkema, Inc.
8536-2 Chloropicrin 100 Fumigant  Cardinal
8536-8 Pic-Clor 60 Cardinal
8536-21 Pic-Clor 15 Cardinal
8536-22 Pic-Clor 30 Cardinal
8536-42 Pic-Clor 40 EC Cardinal
8536-43 Pic-Clor 60 EC Cardinal
85607-1 Pic-C100 Reddick
8622-43 Metapicrin Ameribrom
8853-4 HD-Pic Fumigant Hendrix and Dail
8853-6 Pic Plus Fumigant Hendrix and Dail
11220-15 Tri-Form 40/60 TriCal
11220-20 Telone C-15 TriCal
11220-21 Tri-Form 30 TriCal
11220-22 Tri-Form 35 TriCal
58266-2 Tri-Clor Fumigant Shadow Mountain Products
58266-5 Tri-Clor EC Fumigant  Shadow Mountain Products
62719-12 Telone C-17 Dow
62719-302 Telone C-35 Dow
62719-348 Inline  Dow
62531-2 ASHTA Gold ASHTA Chemicals
66330-43 Midas 98:2 Arysta
66330-47 TM-442 Arysta
66330-57 Midas 50:50 Arysta
66330-58 Midas EC Bronze Arysta
66330-59 Midas 33:67 Arysta
66330-60 Midas EC Gold  Arysta