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Superfund Redevelopment Initiative

Superfund Redevelopment Videos

Below is a catalogue of Superfund Redevelopment videos. Additional Superfund Redevelopment-related videos will be highlighted as they are made available on this website.

EPA Superfund Redevelopment 20th Anniversary

Making a Difference in Communities: California Gulch Superfund Site, Leadville, Colorado

California Gulch: From Metals to Medals

Plants, People, Pollinators: Environmental Education and Stewardship Chemical Commodities, Inc. Superfund Site in Olathe, Kansas

Reuse Planning: Involving Communities in Decisions that Matter

DuPage County Landfill/Blackwell Forest Preserve: A Superfund Site Reuse Success Story

Alternative Energy: From a Toxic Past to a Renewable Future


From Midvale Slag to Bingham Junction

Life After Superfund

Eagle Rock Lake Restoration

Solar Farm at Superfund Redevelopment Site in Kokomo, Indiana

Pride and Perseverance: Community Engagement and EPA Cleanup of the Libby Asbestos Superfund Site

Superfund Success - Atlantic Wood Industries & Former Nansemond Ordnance Depot

Whitmoyer Laboratories Site Redevelopment

California Gulch: Revitalizing the Future of a Mining Mega Site


South Point Plant: Ready for Reuse and Open for Business


Lexington County Landfill Area: West Columbia’s Recreational Gem

Reclaiming Recreational Opportunities through the Reuse of Superfund Sites

MacGillis and Gibbs: A Shining Future for the City of New Brighton

Overcoming Barriers: Mary Alice Park, Arlington, Tennessee


Protecting Cultural Resources at an Oregon Superfund Site

Superfund Greenovations Award

ODEQ and EPA Help Launch ECO Family Health Center


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