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WIIN Act Section 2105: Reducing Lead in Drinking Water Tribal Grant Program

Section 2105 of the WIIN Act authorizes a new tribal grant program to support projects and activities that would meaningfully reduce lead concentration in drinking water including replacement of lead service lines and corrosion control.  The combined funding amounts for Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019 is $2 million. 

Eligible Activities

Assistance under this program will support projects or activities that address lead reduction in tribal public water systems. Projects that receive assistance under this program may include projects that:

  • Replacement of publicly owned lead service lines,
  • Testing, planning or other relevant activities to identify and address conditions that contribute to increased concentration of lead in drinking water, or
  • Assistance to low-income home owners to replace privately owned lead service lines.

Funding under this program cannot be used for partial lead service line replacement.

Eligible Beneficiaries

This grant program makes assistance available to public water systems that serve tribal communities.