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Public Notices, Meetings and Events in EPA's Pacific Southwest

EPA’s Pacific Southwest (Region 9) implements and enforces federal environmental laws in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and 148 Tribal Nations.

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EPA’s Pacific Southwest Regional office encourages public participation in addressing environmental issues. When EPA hosts public meetings, events or other opportunities for public participation in the Pacific Southwest (Region 9) area, they will be found on this page. Public Notices will also be posted on this page. EPA provides public notices about regulatory and other actions it takes, often related to its permitting authorities. Many public notices seek comment (e.g., notices about proposed EPA actions) or participation from the public (e.g., public meeting notice); some are for informational purposes only (e.g., announcing a final rule). Some EPA actions will be included in the Public Notices listing and some will be included in the Federal Register listing. Please be sure to check both listings to find the notice you are seeking.

Meetings and Events in EPA's Pacific Southwest (Region 9)

Summer 2021 Regional Tribal Operations Committee Virtual Meeting

Registration for Summer RTOC is now open! This will be a virtual event from July 20-22. A draft agenda will be uploaded shortly.
07/20/2021 9:00AM PDT

Webinar: Introduction to Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Regulation (SPCC) Webinar for Tribes

This webinar will acquaint stakeholders with tools and resources available to assist tribes in understanding SPCC regulations for above ground storage of oil, the EPA inspection process, spill notification and response. Register Now!
07/21/2021 10:00AM PDT