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Increase Power Resilience at Your Water Utility

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Use Public Safety Power Shutoff Standard Operating Procedure Template

The Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template was developed to help water utilities prepare, respond and recover from power shutoffs to reduce fire risks. Although there are some actions that are unique to such circumstances, most of the information is relevant to any power outages. The SOPs cover the following topics over a range of time steps spanning blue sky planning to no power to power restored.

  • Generators and Backup Power
  • Fuel
  • Communications
  • Partnerships
  • Staffing
  • Access
  • Safety

Download the Public Safety Power Shutoff Standard Operating Procedure

Use the Power Resilience Guide

The Power Resilience Guide provides water and wastewater utilities with information and strategies for strengthening relationships with their electric providers and increasing their resilience to power outages.  The 2019 updates include: 

  • Five new case studies, on topics including the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, on-site power, microgrids and long-term generator use
  • Expanded information on generator rating and regulations
  • Additional information on generator servicing requirements
  • More tips on fuel supply planning
  • New section on Black Sky Planning
  • New Appendix A: Existing Generator Information Sheet
  • New Appendix B: Generator Request Information Form

NOTE: This PDF file uses Javascript. In order to access the generator forms as Word documents, please download the file to your computer before opening. 

Download the Power Resilience Guide

Watch "the Power to Keep Water Moving" video

"Power to Keep Water Moving" provides an overview of the importance of building power resilience at drinking water and wastewater utilities (runtime 4:45 min)