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American Iron and Steel Requirement - Withdrawn or Denied Waivers

Item Type of Waiver State Assistance Recipient CW or DW Date Withdrawn or Not Approved
18-inch Butterfly Valves Availability Montana Kalispell DW 10/18/19 Not Approved
Solenoid Control Valve Availability Florida Destin DW 9/24/19 Not Approved
Blind Flanges, Slip-On Flanges, Weld Neck Flanges, and Butt Weld Reducers Availability New York Binghamton-Johnson City CW 6/25/19 Not Approved
FLG Cross and FLG Reducing Bend Fittings Availability Kentucky Pineville DW 6/18/19 Withdrawn
16-inch Gate Valves and 16-inch Butterfly Valve  Availability Massachusetts Gloucester DW 2/13/19 Withdrawn
Push-on Ductile Iron Fittings (Tee-Wye fittings) Availability South Carolina Berea Public Service District CW 8/7/18 Withdrawn
Emergency Loan Program Public Interest Oregon State-wide (small systems only) DW 4/26/18 Not Approved
24-Inch Carbon Steel Well Casing Public Interest New Jersey Cape May DW 4/20/18 Not Approved
CW Emergency Relief and DW Urgent Need Programs Public Interest Texas State-wide (small systems only) Both 4/18/18 Not Approved
Steel Sheet Piling (AZ-26-700) Availability New Jersey New Jersey American Water (NJAW) in  Bridgewater Township DW 3/9/18 Withdrawn
Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication Availability Ohio Oregon DW 2/28/18 Withdrawn
45-Degree Ductile Iron Elbow Fittings Availability Alaska City and Borough of Juneau CW 1/15/18 Withdrawn
Short Radius 90 Degree Bend Availability New Jersey New Jersey American Water (NJAW) in Lakewood Township DW 1/3/18 Withdrawn
16-inch Insertion Valve Availability Maine Bangor DW 11/15/17 Withdrawn
Knife Gate Valves Availability Nebraska York CW 10/15/17 Withdrawn
Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Fittings (4 to 24-inch) Availability Oklahoma Norman DW 9/8/17 Withdrawn
3-inch Double Check Valves Availability Iowa Kelley DW 9/1/17 Withdrawn
Stainless Steel Grooved Couplings Availability Ohio Oregon DW 7/26/17 Not Approved
Stainless Steel Curb Stop/Check Valve Assemblies and Ductile Iron Plug Valves Availability South Dakota Kennebec CW 7/15/17 Withdrawn
Steel Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete Segmented Tunnel Availability Ohio Akron CW 5/15/17 Withdrawn
Plug Valves Availability Florida Mount Dora CW 4/15/17 Not Approved
Plug Valve Assemblies Availability Georgia Byron CW 4/15/17 Not Approved
30-Inch Well Casing Public Interest Florida Punta Gorda DW 4/7/17 Not Approved
Tyton Fittings Availability California San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) CW 1/15/17 Not Approved
Pressure and Vacuum Release Valves Availability California Vista CW 12/15/16 Withdrawn
Flexible Stainless-Steel Couplings Availability Maryland Leonardtown CW 11/15/16 Withdrawn
Adapt-a-Bells Availability South Dakota Sioux Falls CW 11/15/16 Not Approved
Large Diameter Butterfly Valves Availability Tennessee Kingsport CW 9/21/16 Not Approved
2-Inch Swing Check Valves Availability Idaho Hidden Lake Float Home Association in Coeur d'Alene CW 7/15/16 Not Approved
54-Inch Tapped Ductile Iron Flanges Availability Alabama Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) CW 6/15/16 Not Approved
42-Inch Butterfly Valve Availability North Carolina Gastonia DW 6/3/16 Not Approved
Butterfly Valves (3 to 8-inch) Availability Wisconsin Mosinee DW 2/6/16 Withdrawn
Stainless Steel Pipes and Fittings Availability Montana Town of Culbertson CW 12/15/15 Not Approved
6-Inch Pressure Sustaining Valves Availability Idaho Fairview Water District DW 11/9/15 Withdrawn
Small Communities Public Interest Multiple National Both 10/30/15 Not Approved
Spring-Assisted Swing Check Valves Public Interest Montana Butte-Silver Bow County CW


Not Approved
Viton Seated Air Valves Availability Kentucky Oldham County CW 8/15/15 Withdrawn
Steel Fiber Reinforcement in Precast Concrete Segment Availability Ohio Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in Cleveland CW 6/15/15 Not Approved
Large Diameter Butterfly Valve Availability New Mexico Roswell DW 4/15/15 Not Approved
Stainless Steel Flanges and Fittings Availability North Dakota Williston CW 3/15/15 Not Approved
Emergency Generator Projects Public Interest Connecticut 55 Listed Communities DW 7/1/14 Not Approved

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